Ordinary Joe Spoilers – Bobby’s Death.


It’s hard enough coping with the grief of losing a dear friend and colleague, but when regular JoeAs Amy prepares for Bobby’s funeral, she will also have to carry a big secret.

As viewers know, Amy and her mentor Bobby once slept together, something she has yet to confess to her husband Joe. That appointment coupled with Bobby’s death sends Amy into a state of avoidance on Monday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c).

“Just before [Bobby died]”She shared this intimate moment with this person, which left her in a bit of shock,” her portraitist Natalie Martinez told TVLine. “Everything just seems surreal and not real. So that’s one of the biggest reasons she avoids it. She avoids Joe because of what just happened. She doesn’t know how to deal with that part of the problem. And then there’s the death of Bobby, who she doesn’t know how to confront either.”

Below, Martinez weighs in on Amy’s feelings for Bobby and gives a taste of what lies ahead in the other two timelines.

TVLINE | How is Amy coping with Bobby’s death?
Much of it is suppressed. She dodges a little. She is concerned with planning the funeral, the motorcade, and arranging things in the house and continuing to work, and the campaign. Kind of like busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, so she doesn’t really process what she’s feeling.

‘Ordinary Joe’ Spoilers: Season 1, Episode 8 – Bobby DeadTVLINE | Does Joe feel there’s more to her than just dealing with grief?
I don’t think he knows what happened. Right now he thinks this is someone I was very close to, who I worked very closely with, did my campaign with, and I got shot too. So he also thinks it’s just a very traumatic experience for me, but he doesn’t realize Why it’s so traumatic.

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TVLINE | In the timeline where Joe is a cop, Amy clearly had feelings for Bobby before she started dating Joe. Is Amy in love with Bobby in this Music Joe timeline? Or is it more just that she’s in love with the idea of ​​what he represents to her?
Honestly, it’s just something where the boundaries have been crossed a bit. I believe she loves Joe very much. Joe is the love of her life, Joe is her person. I don’t think she’s had feelings for Bobby all the time. It was just a really vulnerable moment and a rough time when she thought Joe was having an affair, [and she was] feeling hurt and very disconnected since their last miscarriage. A lot of things happen that kind of made them fall apart, and there was just that one moment of vulnerability, and Bobby was there and something happened to someone who was very close to her. So it’s not like she always had feelings for Bobby [or] she wished she was with Bobby.

TVLINE | Joe finally told Amy about the son he shares with Jenny. How will that story evolve? Is that something Amy is concerned about?
It’s something that will become very prevalent in the coming episodes. We all know how Joe feels about having children, and family is very important to him. But when she hears this and realizes that he wasn’t having an affair, and this is kind of hers now, like, “Wow, I really made a really big mistake”… Amy is always trying to find her truth, and in that , she’s really going to have to come forward with what’s going on and what happened. I don’t think she’s worried about Zeke in the sense that it will take anything away from their relationship. She will be there to support Joe in this. This is getting a bit difficult now because now we realize she cheated and did something wrong thinking he did it too, and she wasn’t. He was just looking for his son.

Ordinary Joe SpoilersTVLINE | Amy and Joe struggle to start a family in their marriage. And Amy and Eric?
It is the same. Amy and Eric have undergone fertility treatments, but they were unsuccessful, so they take a break. They get to a point where they start exploring other methods and other options for becoming parents.

Ordinary Joe SpoilersTVLINE | On Monday’s episode, Amy shifts to another timeline and expresses some concerns to Joe about dating a cop. What is she going through, and how do the flashbacks we see of young Amy respond to this?
Her family has dealt with some incidents where officers have been a little unfair to them because of who they were, what they were like, what ethnicity they were. So there is a little bit of mistrust within that system. [Amy’s] father, in all worlds, went to prison for something he had not done. He was wrongly accused… Amy, of Cuban parents who left Cuba in search of a better life, has catapulted her into this political career so that she can ensure that people have the same freedom and the same chance for a better life. life. So when she meets Agent Joe, that’s one of the things she’s a little nervous about. But there are things Joe does that make her feel a little more confident in him. The decisions he makes in the previous episode, in which he chooses to do the right thing and turn in the evidence, even though it would have harmed his uncle, are the things that helped Amy trust Joe more as a police officer and as a person.


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