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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 8: Latest Updates, Plot Summary With Potential Spoilers

Is Ordinary Joe new tonight on NBC? We’ve had a chance to really immerse ourselves in the story over the past several weeks. Is the network finally taking a short break?

Well, we should start this piece by giving you some of the bad news: There is no new installment of the James Wolk drama tonight. We’re in the midst of the first hiatus of the season, and it has to do with the network airing Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol tonight — a preview to convince people to check it out on Peacock.

Ordinary Joe

The plan is for Ordinary Joe to be back with season 1 episode 8 (“Reset”) in one week’s time. This could prove to be one of the most important episodes of the entire series so far, as Music Joe has to figure out the right way to help Amy deal with a tragedy (see the promo at the bottom of this article for evidence). There are huge revelations coming and with that, chances to see what Joe is made of in all three different timelines.

For a few more details now about what’s coming, we suggest that you check out the full season 1 episode 8 synopsis below:

11/15/2021 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Monday) : Music Joe struggles to support Amy through a devastating loss. After Cop Joe and Amy’s decision to turn Bobby in, they both face unexpected blowback. Nurse Joe helps someone from his past. Jenny tries to impress her law professor. TV-14

While we know that Ordinary Joe isn’t like a lot of other shows on the air right now, we do hope that people out there take this hiatus to discover the show and get more into it. We want network TV to continue to take chances like this as opposed to picking up more programming we could easily label as “expected.”

What do you want to see on Ordinary Joe season 1 episode 8?

Are you sad that the show isn’t on the air tonight? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are some other updates coming and of course, we don’t want you missing them. (Photo: NBC.)

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 8: Latest Updates, Plot Summary With Potential Spoilers
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