Orange Is the New Black Season 8: Netflix Renewal Status & Will there be any spin-offs?

One of the most celebrated series ever premiered on Netflix ‘Orange Is the New Black’ had its Seventh season available 26th of July. It’s one of the most-watched series on Netflix. Thus it is a surprise for many of the subscribers to learn that the series officially ended by Season 7. 

The reason for the series ending so soon is all in the Season 5 of the series. That season saw the biggest change in the series ever from the beginning with the prison riot. It was a very great plot with excellent potential which came to an end with nothing special. This triggered many critics and they gave negative comments.

The fifth season performance affected the number of viewers on the sixth. Season 6 first episode got over five million views while the remaining episodes got lesser and lesser until it averaged around 2.56 Million views. This considerably depreciating audience made could be the obvious reason for the immediate ending of the series by season 7 itself.

orange is the new black

Will there be any spin-offs?

As of now, there are no official reports regarding any kind of spin-offs. As the audience like to speculate and there are many characters with very developed yet unexplored exciting backstories who could get a spin-off series.

Larry and Polly:  There have been some developments in their personal life last season. It is possible for them to get a spinoff without any prison in the backdrop.
Taystee: With her wrongly convicted there is a lot to explore and a potential spin-off is a possibility.

Nicky: Even though the story of this character looks concluded there is a lot to know about her. Just because her character was very entertaining and engaging.

Suzzane: As the fan-favorite, she has a lot to learn and achieve in life which could become a spin-off.
Cal and Neri: As one of the funniest in series she may get a spin-off for her humorousness and ability to engage the audience.

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