OnShift Login : How to Sign in to OnShift.com Employee Portal

OnShift Login: How do you log in to OnShift? Today you will learn how to sign in to OnShift. This guide will teach you about signing in to this workforce management software portal.

What is OnShift Login?

OnShift is a cloud-based software or portal that senior care companies use to recruit, manage, pay, and engage with their workers. This is due to its flexibility without the need to hire more employees.

Additionally, OnShift can be accessed via the web or mobile app. Download the mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. So, this portal enables employees of your healthcare company to manage their work schedule.

Furthermore, the web portal or mobile app is simple due to its user interface. Also, through OnShift, employees get notifications on Time.

Requirements for OnShift Login

To log in to your OnShift account, you require the following details.

  • Username and password
  • An internet browser
  • PC, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone
  • Strong internet connection

When you have these requirements, you can log in to OnShift.

Steps of OnShift Login Portal or App

Ensure you follow the steps to log in to your OnShift account.

  • Visit the official OnShift login website
  • Enter your username or email and password
  • Click log in

Suppose you are using the OnShift mobile app. Here is how you log in.

  • Go to your Google Playstore or Appstore and download and install the OnShift application.
  • Open the mobile app
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click log in

By following these steps, you will access your OnShift account successfully.

OnShift Login

Forgot Username or Password

Did you forget your username or password? Don’t call customer support; you can reset your username or password.

The following are steps to reset your OnShift username.

  • On the OnShift login page, click ‘forgot your username.’
  • Enter your account recovery phone number
  • Tap ‘send.’

OnShift will send you instructions on how you will reset your username. Additionally, here is how you retrieve your OnShift password.

  • Go to OnShift, log in to the web page, and click ‘forgot your password.’
  • Enter your username or email
  • Click ‘reset password.’

When done, you will receive a password reset link in your email. Follow the instructions to set up a new OnShift password.

Suppose you have challenges resetting your username and password; contact OnShift customer support.

How to Login to OnShift Time

OnShift Time is a platform where employees easily enter login time without needing your company to buy time clocks. Furthermore, OnShift Time lets a company track leave and view timecards and payrolls.

Therefore, here are the steps to log in to OnShift Time.

If you forget your password, click forgot password’ on the login page. Then, enter your user email and tap on ‘request reset link.’ OnShift Time will send you a password reset link, which you will use to set a new password.

OnShift Login Early Access Participant

Are you an early-access participant? Then, here is how you access this section of OnShift.

  • On the OnShift login portal, scroll down and click ‘early access participants.’
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click continue to access your OnShift early access participant account.

Features of OnShift

OnShift is a portal that serves schedulers, employees, and customers. Therefore, these are the OnShift features.

Manage Schedule: This portal enables you to manage your schedule, like shifts and Time off. Additionally, you can schedule from anywhere at any time.

Send and Receive Messages: This platform lets you send and receive messages to your employees and vice versa.

View Performance and Rewards: OnShift enables employees to check their performance history and if they got any rewards.

Remove Employees: As a scheduler, you can log off employees who are no longer working for your company.

OnShift Customer Support

Whenever you want help from OnShift customer support, here are the details you should use. Additionally, OnShift customer support works 24/7.


We hope that the OnShift login guide has been helpful to you. Suppose you face any issues logging in to your account, contact us by leaving a comment. Thank you for your Time.

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