One Punch Man Chapter 129: Release Date, Time and Spoilers

One Punch Man weekly schedule is out and the much-awaited Chapter 129 of the manga is going to be released next. Through this article, the fans of the popular Japanese Manga and Anime of the same name, One Punch Man will know about the time and date of release, and spoilers.

The post is filled with spoilers and it will kill the fun elements of the forthcoming chapter of the manga. If the readers want to avoid spoilers then they can skip the following “spoiler” section.

Spoilers of Chapter 129

Up until now, the spoilers of Chapter 129 of One Punch Man is yet to be released. Additionally, the readers of the popular Manga series will get to know what happens with Saitama and friends in One Punch Man before 2-3 days of its release.

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Release Date of One Punch Man

The 129th Chapter of One Punch Man will release on the 17th of March 2020. Each chapter of the Manga is released in a weekly schedule. Since the beginning the creator of One Punch Man Manga, One releases chapters in weekly circulation.

Chapter 128 was released on the 10th of March 2020.

One Punch Man Chapter 129: Where to read?

The latest chapters of One Punch Man are available for reading on the official platforms such as Shueisha’s Manga Plus and VIZ Media. In addition to this, the raw scan manga of the forthcoming chapters are released across the internet a couple of days before the release of new chapters.

So far in One Punch Man Manga

Nyaan is finally defeated; however, Drive Knight declines to take all the glory of defeated Nyaan as he used unorthodox means of fighting. Drive Knight had an upper hand as he knew the fighting technique of Nyaan  which ultimately helped him to attain victory.

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