One More Suicide Squad Spinoff: Everything you need to know about it


Since Suicide Squad was released, it immediately became everyone’s favorite and had millions of fans across the world. After Suicide Squad, there came The Suicide Squad and now it is official that one more Suicide Squad Spin-off is in the talks with Viola Davis. 

Suicide Squad Spin-Offs

Earlier there was Peacemaker starring none other than John Cena and now Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis is going to be on the floor as another Suicide Squad spin-off. 

Suicide Squad Spin-Off Storyline

It is expected that the storyline will move around, after the duration of Peacemaker, and Amanda Waller will take on after that. The story is now going to get even more interesting as the badass character like Amanda Waller is now in the plays. 

Moreover, Amanda Waller’s daughter Adebayo (played by Danielle Brooks) reveals her mother’s true identity and everything related to that. All the things including operations and other essential details are being revealed by her daughter and then, Amanda obviously falls into deep trouble. 

Original Writer of The Suicide Squad:

James Gunn despite being the original writer for the Suicide Squad, is unfortunately not going to be writing this untitled series. Although, he will be the executive producer along with Viola Davis, Christal Henry, and Peter Safran. 

The Suicide Squad Spin-off: Where to Watch

It is not official yet, the talks related to releasing the Suicide Squad spin-off on HBO Max are currently happening. And we, along with millions of fans are eagerly waiting for any confirmations at all. 

Suicide Squad and Everything Related to It

As we are all aware, the story originally started with Amanda Waller – who is a senior civil servant as well as A.R.G.U.S’. Director. She is the one who had the idea to assemble the team of expendable metahumans and keep them as the backup military option for “those missions.”

Previous Suicide Squad Spinoffs:

Earlier, there was another release that starred John Cena as the Peacemaker and was well appreciated by fans and critics both. 

Original Cast of Suicide Squad will be returning?

Since the news related to Suicide Squad Spinoff broke, everyone has been thinking about this. Undoubtedly fans are very much expecting the original cast of the suicide squad to return in the spin-off as well. Most popular characters played by Viola Davis, and Margot Robbi are worldwide demand to return to play their respective characters.


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