On My Block Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Episodes and More Exciting News

Netflix always has a soft spot for teenage drama series that tend to top the charts, and the case for ‘On My Block’ is no different. The coming of age story that boasts a diverse star cast has had a successful run over the years and is about to meet its end finally.

‘On My Block’ tells a story about four teenagers who find their lives turned around as each struggle to navigate through high school. Living in an inner-city of Los Angeles well known for its harsh environment, the teenagers get caught up in a string of unfortunate events that threaten their ability to lead an everyday life.

On My Block Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Episodes and More Exciting News

The first season of ‘On My Block’ premiered on Netflix on March 16, 2018, with ten episodes. The second season featured a similar 10 episode run debuting on March 29, 2019. However, for some reason, the third season was cut short to 8 episodes that were released on March 11, 2020.

Fans of the show had high expectations for the fourth season to premiere on March 2021 but failed to get any good news on the front until Netflix announced that it would renew ‘On My Block’ for a fourth season on January 29, 2021. So, as the days are nearing, here’s some exciting news on ‘On My Block’ season 4.

‘On My Block’ Season 4: Netflix Release Date

The fourth season of ‘On My Block’ was released on October 4, 2021, where all the episodes will be available to stream on Netflix.

Will There Be A ‘On My Block’ Season 5?

In the recent announcement, Netflix stated that ‘On My Block’ will feature its fourth and final season by the end of 2021. Unfortunately, that means that there will be no ‘On My Block’ season 5 for fans to expect.

‘On My Block’ Season 4: Episodes

After making an exception for the third season, ‘On My Block’ returned to its original format of having ten episodes in its fourth season with a run time of 30 minutes each.