‘Olaf Presents’: Disney TV series OTT Release and Streaming Date


From being Elsa and Anna’s companion since their childhood to saving them in various situations, Olaf won hearts in Disney’s ‘Frozen.’

Olaf from Frozen is the most favorite snowman of all time. Olaf won hearts in Disney’s Frozen, from being Elsa and Anna’s companions since their childhood to saving them in various situationsWhile the little snowman with his quirky behavior has his fanbase, Disney has decided to bring a different series for this Frozen sidekick named Olaf Presents. Disney also dropped the official trailer of his series via social media.

'Olaf Presents': Disney TV series OTT Release and Streaming Date

Taking to Disney’s official social media handle, the company recently dropped the official trailer of Olaf Presents. The trailer first saw some clips of Disney’s classic films. Then, a voiceover in the background said, “For almost 100 years, Walt Disney Animation Studios has given us beloved classics, and timeless moments we’ll never forget. Now join an old friend as he retells these stories in a way only he can.” The visuals had the tales of Tangled, Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Moana. 

The trailer then switched to Olaf recreating all these Disney classics in his way. He made a little snowman to recreate The Lion King’s iconic scene, wore a rope on his head like Rapunzel, and played the Genie from Aladdin. Sharing the trailer, Disney wrote, “Some stories are worth melting for. Watch Olaf bring classic Disney Animation stories to life in Olaf Presents, a series of Disney+ Original Shorts, streaming Disney Plus Day, November 12 on Disney Plus.” Fans of the quirky snowman were thrilled to watch him. A fan reacted to the trailer and wrote, “This is gonna be gold.”

Details about Disney+ Day on November 12

Olaf Presents will exclusively debut on the streaming giant Disney + on November 12. The day marks Disney+ Day as the platform will release new content, including the at-home premiere of Shang-Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings and Frozen Fever. Olaf Presents will be the follow-up series to several Olaf-centric projects by Walt Disney Animation Studios. One Upon A Snowman earlier premiered on the streaming platform last year. Moreover, At Home With Olaf was also produced remotely by Osmond on YouTube after the COVID-19 pandemic shut the animation studios in 2020.


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