Now Online Gamblers Can Choose Between Real and Virtual Worlds



Ever since online casinos started to appear over 20 years ago, they have been constantly refining and improving the ways that players can enjoy them. Over time, the range of so-called table games available has gradually increased and, in the case of slots, the sheer number of different themes – from Ancient Egyptian treasure hunts to film and movie tie-ins to slot machines in Canada – has gone off the scale.

Even so, there has also been a constant drive to offer ever-more novel options for players and this has taken some online casinos into two very different directions.

RNGs were fundamental to establishing online casinos

In the first instance, this has meant moving away from the old-style casino games which were essentially video versions of real-life games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat. In these, a device called a random number generator is used to replicate the unpredictability of real life using a complex algorithm.

As an alternative, more and more sites have started to introduce a range of so-called live casino games, a move that has been facilitated by the onward march of technology. In these games, play is run by live dealers filmed in a casino-style studio and the action is streamed to players. The action of the game, whether it’s roulette or a card game, is digitized so it can be converted into a format that can be played online. There is also the opportunity for players to engage with the dealers in real-time using the sites’ chat function.

The result is a gaming experience that incorporates the very best of the online and “bricks and mortar” casino experiences.

Always progressing, the gambling industry adds virtual sports

But while the live casino brings the real world online, there is another major trend to create a virtual one – and you can find both examples at many a UK licensed online casino. The latter trend takes the form of a range of virtual sports in which computer simulations take place with players being able to make a number of different bets on the outcome. By offering both live casino and virtual sports, leading online casinos aim to satisfy an even wider number of players.

The range of sports featured is ever-increasing and includes horseracing, football, motor racing and greyhound racing. Watching it for the first time can be a surreal experience that is not unlike a super-realistic video game. The program behind all these variations relies on the same random number generator already mentioned but instead of landing on particular numbers, it dictates the outcome of the race or the match.

While traditional sports betting remains hugely popular, betting on its virtual equivalent has many points in its favor. A key one of these is the speed with which races and games are conducted taking only minutes until the next event comes along. It also means that the action is completely unaffected by the weather so no event is ever abandoned or postponed. Virtual sports also achieve all this while being very nearly as exciting to watch as the real-world alternative.

So, with actual VR developing at pace, both the live casino and virtual sport can only be set to get better and better. And that’s going to be great news for casinos and players alike.


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