Noragami Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast Details, and Manga

The season 2 of Noragami finished off with a huge cliffhanger. The fans of the show have been curious ever since and have been waiting for season 2 of the show. Noragami is a Japanese manga by Adachitoka. The show was initially released in January 2014.

The second season of the show was released in October 2015. Ever since season 2 ended there has been no information if the show was going to be renewed or not. The main reason behind this was that there was not much story left behind to continue. That is why the fans have waited for roughly three years.

Noragami Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast Details, and Manga

Season 3 Noragami Release Date

The third season of Noragami was expected around the ending of 2019. It has been told that now the manga has enough content for the continuation of the show. Now, we are a little bit sure that there is going to be a third season but not sure when.

Earlier it was expected that the show will release in 2018 but that didn’t happen so it is expected that season three will release at the end of 2020.

Season 3 Noragami Plot

The third season of the show will show the pivotal role of Yato’s father. Until now the relationship between Yato and his father hasn’t been the best. So, we are expecting a bit changed in season 3 of Noragami.

Season 3 will show more about Yato’s unexplored past. There will be more focus on his journey to become the ‘God of Fortune.’

In August, last year chapters 72-75 of the manga series have been released which will give enough content to the makers of season 3.

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