No Way Home Swings Past Titanic in the U.S. Box Office


The box office behemoth Spider-Man: No Way Home continued its rampage through cinemas, taking in another $33 million (-41%) in its fourth weekend, per Deadline. That number was enough to help the Web-Head swing past Titanic’s $659.3 million U.S. total and inch closer to Avengers: Infinity War ($678.8 million) as the fifth-highest domestic grossing movie of all time.

Globally, Spidey added another $64.4 million to its international box office total, which stands at $867.5 million, meaning its global tally now sits at a whopping $1.53 billion, all without China, where the film has yet to open.

Of course, with Spider-Man gobbling up the box office, films such as The 355 are being left for dead. The Simon Kinberg-directed flick managed just $4.8 million against a $20 million budget and landed at No. 3 due to poor reviews and middling word of mouth.

Elsewhere, Sing 2 dropped just 41% to bring in $12 million in its third weekend despite releasing on PVOD just 17 days after its release. To date, the Illumination flick has grossed $109 million, making it the highest-grossing animated film of the pandemic era, which should make Pixar reconsider its bid to release Turning Red directly to Disney+ in March.

Top 10 Domestic Box Office

1.) Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony) 4,012 (-194) theaters, Fri $8.3M (-46%) /Sat $14.75M/Sun $9.96M/ 3-day $33M (-41%)/ Total: $668.7M/Wk 4

2.) Sing 2 (Uni/Ill) 3,713 (-179) theaters, Fri $2.67M (-59%)/Sat $5.4M/Sun $3.8M/3-day $11.95M (-41%)/Total: $109M/Wk 3

3.) The 355 (Uni/FilmNation) 3,145 theaters, Fri $1.72M/Sat $1.87M/Sun $1.2M/3-day $4.8M/Wk 1

4.) The King’s Man (20th/Dis) 3,040 (-140) theaters Fri $900K (-28%)/Sat $1.4M/Sun $949K/3-day $3.27M (-28%)/Total $25.1M/Wk 3

5.) American Underdog (LG) 2,729 (-84) theaters, Fri $723K/Sat $1.08M/Sun $610K/3-day: $2.4M (-38%)/Total: $18.8M/Wk 3

6.) Matrix Resurrections (WB) 2,875 (-677) theaters, Fri $500K (-52%) /3-day $1.86M (-51%)/Total: $34.3M/Wk 3

7.) West Side Story (20th/Dis) 2,290 (-400) theaters, Fri $383K (-45%)/Sat $618K/Sun $412K/3-day $1.4M (-33%)/Total $32.1M/Wk 5

8.) Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Sony) 1,501 (-144) theaters Fri $267K (-39%)/Sat $545K/ Sun $328K/ 3-day $1.14M (-22%)/Total: $125M/ Wk 8

9.) Licorice Pizza (UAR) 772 (-14) theaters, Fri $286K (-20%)/Sat $437K/Sun $306K/3-day $1.03M (-21%)/Total $8.2M/Wk 7

10.) House of Gucci (UAR) 607 (-100) theaters, Fri $176K (-9%)/Sat $277K/Sun $180K/3-day $632K (-21%)/Total $50.1M/Wk 8


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