No Way Home: Iron Spider Armor Suit Is Far Deadly Than Venom Suit.

No Way Home: Iron Spider Armor Suit Is Far Deadly Than Venom Suit.

Contrary to what we’ve seen in the Marvel movie universe, Peter Parker doesn’t rely on others to create his costumes and suits. He makes them all by himself, from scratch. But in the MCU, Peter’s suit is courtesy of Tony Stark, who outfitted the Spider-Man suit with a myriad of gadgets and cutting edge technology. As Spider-Man’s superhero adventures progressed, he later managed to get his hands on a large number of suits, each with different functionalities. The MCU saw Tony give Peter not one but two suits, the classic Spider-Man suit and the Iron Spider armor suit. The Iron Spider armor is theoretically far more deadly than the power the symbiote Venom suit bestows.

Iron Spider vs. Venom

The Symbiote suit is powerful, but has limitations

symbiote suit

Symbiotes, when bound to a host, are a force of nature. We’ve already seen Carnage slaughter an entire prison block while escaping. Venom can also deliver incredible performance. Crushing concrete like scraps of paper and making jumps that would make the Hulk earn his money are just a few classic feats. The symbiote suit also gives the user a form of photographic memory and the ability to perform complex tasks without even moving a muscle. But the suit is averse to fire and noise. Even Dan was able to stop Cranage with just a can of gas and a torch! The Iron Spider Suit, on the other hand, has no such limitations. Its greatest asset is technology and it has it in abundance.

The Iron Spider suit is arguably Tony Stark’s most dangerous invention

Kill Mode – Iron Spider

Tony Stark was known as a visionary, a man who thinks light years ahead of his time. This tendency to outdo himself is why he often found himself in technological predicament. The Ultron fiasco is a good example. Tony wanted a guardian angel for the planet. Finally, he created his destroyer.

Tony Stark – Ultron

The MCU shows us that Tony always laces his suits with an AI to perform his supporting and complex functions. JARVIS was Tony’s go-to AI before FRIDAY took over. Spider-Man’s first Stark Tech suit features Karen, another Tony Stark AI. Bypassing the “Training Wheels” protocol, Peter gained access to a host of skills, such as 500 different web-shooting combinations and thermal reconnaissance functions. The suit also includes a system that tells Peter exactly where to be at the right time. The suit makes Peter a better Spider-Man by giving him extra abilities.

The Iron Spider suit is light years ahead of Venom

Spider Man

The deadliest Spider-Man suit ever made, the Iron Spider suit is absolutely laced with all the features of the previous Spider-Man stark-tech suit. But it has more functions. Four additional spider-like limbs and a protective nanolayer armor are some of the many possibilities. Peter was easily able to hack into his first suit. Now that Tony is gone, it’s much easier for him to hack into the Iron Spider suit and unlock many more abilities if needed. That would essentially make Peter Parker a hundred times better than poison, should he ever fight him in No Way Home.

No way home

We’re not even looking at the obvious connection of the suit to EDITH, something Peter would have incorporated into the suit by now, since he already has the goggles. The Sinister Six may be coming to Peter’s head. But rest assured, Peter Parker has more than enough firepower to deal with them if necessary. We’d even go down on one leg and say the suit is arguably Peter Parker’s greatest asset in the upcoming movie. There is so much to look forward to in No Way Home


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