New Images From ‘Avatar 2’ – Puts The Spotlight On Pandora’s Underwater Creatures.


A new image from James Cameron’s highly anticipated film, avatar 2, puts the spotlight on Pandora’s underwater creatures.

Avatar 2": New Image Shows the Beautiful Underwater Scenery - Movie & Show  News | KinoCheck

When James Cameron’s Avatar was released in 2009, no one predicted that the film would have been as big a hit as it became. The film was well received by critics but became a huge box office success, grossing over $2.8 billion worldwide and remaining the highest-grossing film of all time until its release. Avengers: Endgame. Upon release, it claimed the title.

Since the release of the first film, James Cameron’s sequels have been Avatar have been in some form of development. The director wrote and rewritten the scripts for the Pandora movie countless times before settling for one he could live with. Production for the first sequel, Avatar 2, began in earnest in 2017 with official production in September 2020.

That’s what James Cameron had in mind from the start Avatar 2 would involve the oceans of Pandora. Many of the released behind-the-scenes photos show the actors working in giant swimming pools. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have our first look at one of the creatures that inhabit the world’s oceans:

New ‘Avatar 2’ image highlights Pandora’s underwater creatures

Here’s the official synopsis for the first Avatar movie:


AVATAR takes us to a spectacular, unimaginable world, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure and ends up fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home. James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of Titanic, first conceived the film 15 years ago, when the means to realize his vision didn’t exist. Now, after four years of production, AVATAR, a live-action film with a new generation of special effects, delivers a completely immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears in the emotion of the characters. and the plot of the story.

Avatar 2 is currently released on December 16, 2022. Stay tuned for all the latest on the film and subscribe to Heroic Hollywood’s YouTube channel for more original video content.


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