New Amsterdam Season 5 Fall Finale Might Feature Max Exit From The Series?


As we prepare for tonight’s New Amsterdam season 5 fall finale, there is one question that is understandably worth asking: Is Ryan Eggold leaving? Are we really about to see the end of Dr. Max Goodwin?

For most of the season so far, it’s been pretty clear that Max is potentially circling a goodbye — not only that, but you can see all of the different reasons why that is. He’s set to head overseas with Helen, where the two have an opportunity to kick off a totally new chapter in their lives. This is something that Sharpe has been wanting to do since the end of last season, and for Max, this represents an opportunity to do something different. There is no denying that he loves New Amsterdam, but he also loves Sharpe. He wants to be with her and it feels like he wants to put that pursuit of joy first.

New Amsterdam Season 5 max

Here’s where things get a bit more complicated: We know that a superbug is causing problems at the hospital tonight and in between that and the presence of Dr. Fuentes, it’s going to be hard for Max to go. That desperation to save things could continue to pull him back. Don’t be surprised if you see some of that play out within this particular episode and, even without Helen, it’s possible that Max still stays. We don’t know what the consequences of that could be, but we’d expect for there to be some emotional moments.

We’ve heard nothing official about Eggold leaving the show, so stay tuned — we’ll also update this article as the episode airs tonight.

Do you think we’ll be seeing Ryan Eggold leave New Amsterdam in the midst of tonight’s season 5 fall finale?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! After you do just that, stick around — there are more updates coming and of course, we don’t want you to miss them.


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