New Amsterdam Season 4 Episode 8: Latest Updates On The Drama In Exciting New Episode


Tonight on New Amsterdam season 4, episode 8, there was a storyline that we’ve already seen in a number of medical dramas: the hospital is being hacked! Sure, we saw some sort of fix for that towards the end of the episode, but there was definitely a lot of drama elsewhere.

New Amsterdam Season 4

Take for example Fuentes who forces Max to get as many people as possible from the hospital staff. Did that include Reynolds, Iggy and Bloom? It turned out it did! Or at least, so it seemed. At the end of the episode, he made it clear that he had found a way to keep their jobs, complicated as that may be. The problem, however, remained that he couldn’t save everyone; there were still budget cuts, however, with more than 140 workers being pushed out.

We know Max Goodwin, just as we also know that he will consider this one of the greatest failures of his time as medical director. It shows what Fuentes cares about, but also how little control he has over how things are going.

What did you think of the events of New Amsterdam season 4 episode 8?

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