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Netflix’s Young Wallander: Release Date, First Look, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything Else

Netflix released the official trailer of the forthcoming edgy, young, and modern-day crime series, Young Wallander. The first trailer looks promising given that the drama series feature features Swedish and British actors such as Adam Palsson, Leanne Best, Richard Dillane, Ellise Chappell, Sara Seyed, Yasen Atour, Jordan Adene among others.

The reimagined new take on Young Wallander is adapted from the novels written by Henning Mankell. However, the recent take that the 2020 adaptation will showcase the first-ever case that Kurt Wallander is pulled into solving for the sake of his community. In addition to this, the story revolves around the formative experiences, both personal and professional which Kurt faces as he graduates from the police academy. The makers of the series feel that long-time fans of Kurt Wallander will love the formidable detective in his early 20s.

Young Wallander: Release Date

By the looks of it, the English-language six-episodic series is directed by Jens Jonsson, and Ole Endresen. Additionally, the series has been penned down by Jessica Ruston, Benjamin Harris, Ben Schiffer, and Anoo Baghavan. Berna Levin helms the role of the producer of the film under the banner Yellowbird UK.

Netflix has announced to release the series worldwide on the 3rd of September 2020.

Young Wallander: Cast

Adam Palsson portrays Kurt Wallander whereas Superintendent Hemberg and Frida Rask are portrayed by Richard Dillane and Leanne Best, respectively.

Young Wallander: Plot

Young Kurt Wallander is unable to protect the life of a teenager who has been a part of a gruesome attack. Young Wallander learns to cope with the guilt and tries to solve his crime as a graduated police officer.

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