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Netflix original series, “You” is a critical hit on the streaming service, also the second season of the series did not fail to entice fans with its groundbreaking plot and thriller element.

Joe played by Penn Badgley is perfect when it comes to picking women to stalk and kill. So far, he is also the best serial killer that people have seen in a series in recent days. In the second season, Joe finally meets his soulmate Love Quinn who is also out of her mind and can kill anyone for Joe’s sake.

You Season 3

So far, they are perfect for each other. Nevertheless, the most shocking part of the second season’s plot is that Joe is a hypocrite who cannot fathom the truth that Love and he are the same.

What comes next in You?

The way things have ended in the second season, the audience will be seeing more of Love Quinn in the third season, the way things are left in the present season. It is also a possibility that Love will give birth to Joe’s baby as she is pregnant. Nevertheless, Joe has found another woman to torment and kill and that woman is none other than his next-door neighbor.

It is important to point out that the third season is going to be filled with craziness. Love is more broken than Joe which makes her insanely crazy and when she will come to know about the real intentions of Joe then things will become topsy-turvy.

In addition to this, Joe is going to be haunted by the event of his past. As Joe was hallucinating about Beth in the second season, there is a highly likely chance that he will hallucinate about his other victims.

When will season 3 return?

Given that it has not been officially revealed to the audience, You is going to return to Netflix for the third time. The first season of You premiered on the 9th of September 2018, and the second season premiered in December 2020.

So, there is a highly likely chance that You will return to Netflix during 2020 Christmas. Currently the first and the second season of ‘You’ is available to stream on Netflix.

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