Netflix’s Paranormal Release Date, First Look, Cast, Plot and Everything else

The streaming giant Netflix has reportedly unveiled the first-look images of one of the anticipated TV Series, namely ‘Paranormal.’ By the looks of it, Paranormal is Netflix’s first venture to release an Arabic-language series that originates from Egypt. Since the pandemic hit the world, the series has been in halt, nevertheless, the series is almost wrapped up, according to sources.

Netflix's Paranormal Release Date, First Look, Cast, Plot and Everything else

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Paranormal Plot

The protagonist of the series Dr. Refaat Ismail played by Ahmed Amin experience a series of Gothic and paranormal incidents during his 40s. The first-look pictures also feature Maggie Mckillop, Scottish scientist and former colleague of Dr. Refaat. Razane Jammal portrays the role of Maggie Mckillop. There is unsettling chemistry between the two as Dr. Refaat never confessed the love he has for Maggie.

In the series, the protagonist, Dr. Refaat is a sceptic Hematologist who has a knack for a dark sense of humour. The doctor treads on a journey of self-doubt and his world is thrown into disarray when his beliefs and scientific conviction are thrown into disarray. The series is set in 1969 and both Dr. Refaat and Maggie combine their forces to safe their loved ones from the impending doom.

The plot of the series is inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name Paranormal penned down by the late writer, Ahmed Khaled Tawfik. The novel has sold over 15 million copies. The series will stay according to the events that happened in the book. In addition to this, the series will release sometime in 2020.

Netflix is bringing Egyptian content to the worldwide audience by keeping its commitment to push the content from the country to mainstream viewers.

Paranormal Cast

The main cast of Paranormal includes Ahmed Amin, Razane Jammal, and Aya Samaha. Racine Jammal you might recognize her for her roles in Olivier Assayas’ Carlos, Kanye West’s Cruel Summer and Robert Guédiguian’s Don’t Tell Me The Boy Was Mad.


Paranormal Release Date

As of the writing of this article Release Date hasn’t been confirmed, but some sources point for an early October release. Stay tuned to Telegraph Star so we can update you when the Release Date is confirmed.

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