Netflix’s Money Heist Season 5, Episode 10 Spoilers & Latest Updates


It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved show. But Netflix’s hit caper money robbery gave his fans a series finale with the perfect amount of twists, intensity and triumphs.

The satisfying conclusion began when the professor surrendered at the Bank of Spain to an ever-fearful and angry Colonel Tamayo, who waited for him to negotiate his terms. The first thing Tamayo wanted to know was, of course, the whereabouts of the gold.

Unfortunately, the professor didn’t know at the time, so he stopped, and the ruse of the Marseille fishing boat worked just long enough for Sierra to find the gold that Rafael and Tatiana had stolen and hidden. This involved Sierra’s visit to the guns-drawn register to examine which lots had been recently purchased and paid for in cash.

Sierra and her armed shadow crew eventually found the house, dropping a wire in the process, prompting Tatiana and Rafael to show up with an armed crew of their own. Sierra ended the standoff when she handed Rafael the note his uncle, the professor, had given her to give to Rafael, and soon Tatiana had nothing more to say about it because it was a family matter. But what would Rafael decide?

‘Money Heist’ Series Finale Recap: Season 5, Episode 10 Professor WinsWhile we waited for the answer, there was a lot going on at the bank. Tamayo tried and failed to divide and capture the Dali masked marauders, and Denver nearly succumbed… but luckily he didn’t. Then Tamayo threatened to shoot Rio, Palermo, Manila, Helsinki, Bogota, Stockholm and Pamplona if the professor didn’t tell him where the gold was.

Without even knowing Lisbon, the professor also had a backup plan for this scenario, and he sent two trucks full of gold-plated copper bars to unload at the bank, creating the illusion that the Spanish government had recovered the gold. That way, the country’s economy, global image and leadership could bounce back and save face, while the professor and his Bella Ciao bandits kept the gold and lived happily ever after.


This was understandably a tough sell for Tamayo, who wanted to kill everyone and win at all costs. But the professor was pretty convincing when he argued that Spain wouldn’t get those gold bars back anyway. But, he said, everyone could still win if the government gave the appearance of wealth and militarized power by locking the gold-plated copper bars in the vault and making it look like they had killed the professor and his crew. .

Robbery, the professor and the gang That’s ultimately what Tamayo did. His men fired a bunch of bullets as if they had killed everyone, the professor and company put in body bags that were transported to nine nearby ambulances, and the surviving members of the crew had to survive rich and free from pursuit. The Spanish government even linked Sierra, baby Victoria and Marseille to new identities, just like the rest of the gang.

When Sierra came to say goodbye and collect her new passport and identity, she hugged the professor and thanked him. She also brought the good news: the small treasure trove of gold bars was safe and sound and moved to Portugal with Benjamin in tow. And the professor, a newly self-confident thief, wept tears of joy for his late father and brother because he knew in his heart that they were proud.

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