Netflix’s Maid Season 2: Official Release Date, Episode and Cast Information

In one of the most beautiful portrayals of American poverty, Netflix’s latest drama series, ‘Maid,’ would be an ideal watch for fans interested in tales that explore the lives of mediocre individuals and the struggles they face.

Inspired from Stephanie Land’s numerous works such as ‘Maid: Hard Work,’ ‘Low Pay,’ and ‘A Mother’s Will To Survive, the new Netflix series seems to hold elements from different aspects of life. Not just drawing from the difficulties of poverty, ‘Maid’ brings to light the real-life struggles of motherhood and how it can affect the people around.

The first season of ‘Maid’ made its Netflix debut on October 1, with a total of 10 episodes in it. Created by Molly Smith Metzler, the poverty-circling drama series features stars such as Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Billy Burke, Anika Noni Rose, Tracy Vilar, and much more.

Fans who have watched the first season on Netflix might undoubtedly want to know what’s in store for the next season, considering how it ended semi-conclusively. So here’s everything we know about ‘Maid’ Season 2.

Maid Season 2: Netflix Release Date

When Netflix announced creating the show, it was stated that ‘Maid’ would be released only as a miniseries. Unfortunately, this would mean that it will only have a single season run with no further additions beyond that. As such, there will not be a ‘Maid’ season 2 coming to Netflix as things stand.

Netflix's Maid Season 2: Official Release Date, Episode and Cast Information

However, there is a possibility that the viewership and reception of ‘Maid’ could compel the American streamer to further the storyline in a different direction. Though the odds are astronomical, the show writers have left enough room at the end of ‘Maid’ season 1 from where they can pick up and continue the second season.

Maid Season 2: Episode & Cast

If Netflix miraculously decides to renew ‘Maid’ for a second season, it would likely have the same ten episodes as its predecessor. The cast lineup will also remain the same, with few possible additions to spice up the storyline. But as things stand, there is much room for speculation and none for official announcements.