Netflix Series Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Plot and Cast

Will Lucifer be back for a fifth season? That is the questions on everyone’s mind and we say YES! Tom Kapino’s television adaptation of the DC comic series will return even though it will be the show’s last. That has been confirmed too.

Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson said they were thankful to Netflix for allowing them to resurrect the show with Season 4 and now ending it gracefully on their own terms with Season 5. The duo thanked the fans for their incredible support, promising them the best was yet to come.

It earlier looked like the comedy-drama was going to have to end after Fox canceled the series in May last year but it was no sooner than Netflix swooped in and saved the day, following a huge push form Lucifer’s fanbase, blessing the audience with a batch of 10 fresh episodes – down significantly from the 24 episodes of Season 3 but still better 10 than no other.


When is Lucifer Season 5 releasing?

Now enough about the past, let’s look to the future. When is Lucifer Season 5 expected to air? Usually, we use our common sense to predict from beforehand when a show is likely to air but Lucifer has proven to be a whole different kettle of fish. Seasons 1 and 2 both aired back in 2016 – the first at the beginning of the year and the second in September. Then Season 3 released in October 2017, which as stated previously looked like it was going to be the last, with all speculations coming true when the show did get dropped in May.

When it comes to Season 5, we would place our bets on 2020 but this is just an assumption as it all depends on each show’s individual schedule.

Who’s coming back in Lucifer?

It is almost a given that we will get to see the devilishly handsome Tom Ellis as the protagonist of the show, accompanied by Lauren German who plays Detective Chloe Decker, DB Woodside who plays Amenadiel, Lesley Ann Brandt who plays Mazikeen and Scarlett Estevez who plays Trixie Espinoza. Let’s not forget: there is also Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez and Rachel Harris as Linda Martin.

Inbar Lavi of Prison Break fame made her debut in the fourth season of the show as Eve. When asked if she would continue in the next season, Henderson said the crew loved working with her, as is evitable in the season, she is absolutely fantastic.

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  1. Well let me say I’m probably the biggest fan of the serie’s Lucifer, an a fan an dedicated keeper so to speak of the serie’s.
    It just seems like the serie’s Supernatural also coming to an end .
    I assumed Lucifer would last at least longer than 5 seasons making this sad to know that it’s really just like my other serie’s ending for good😣😢😢😭😭😭 now what???????


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