NetFlix Originals: YOU Season 2 Release date, Cast and Plot

‘YOU’ series based on the novel with the same name written by Caroline Kepnes became so much of a vibe in NetFlix, last year.

The Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger keeping fans excited that the series will return. Now the series renewed on July 2018 by Lifetime. On December 2018 they had passed on the series to NetFlix and now it is under NetFlix Originals banner.

The setting of the next season will move on to Los Angeles where the events in the sequel novel of ‘YOU’ named ‘Hidden Bodies’ is taking place. This psychological thriller was the binging sensation of the last festive season. Now NetFlix has confirmed that the next season will return by September/October in 2019 itself.

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Last season talked about a Bookstore manager who seems very charming with a dark and creepy side of a stalker and a murderer. The story unfolds gradually and pays the full dividend for whoever decides to stick on watching it.

The series was first premiered on Lifetime and got extremely popular after its Netflix streaming. Now it has a cult following. Famous “Mean Girls” actor Penn Badgley gives life to the protagonist with sinister qualities.

Named Joe Goldberg, falls for a customer namely Guinevere Beck, and starts stacking her due to intensive obsession. At first, it all looks charming for her and she starts dating him. Later in the series, the mask falls off and Beck is exposed to his true color.

Beck came to know the fact that his previous lover whom he hallucinates about often, is killed off by him as a revenge for cheating on him. This revelation leads to some extraordinary plot twists. The Cliffhanger the series end with makes fans so eager for next season and gives relief at the same time that there is more to wait for.

The fans/cult has many doubts. One of them is about any teaser or trailer to munch on until series comes out. As of now, no trailers have been released and we are on the lookout and will update you with the same as soon as it is available.

Episodes :

Number of trailers of season 2 of YOU is also not officially confirmed yet. The educated guess is 10 as the last one had the same.

Production of Season 2 :

The production of the next season is on the finishing touch, confirmed showrunner Sera Gamble while speaking to a source.
The shooting had started in February this year.
Some of the fans even speculate that as the body of Beck hasn’t been shown, she might not have died. And she may return for next season.
The leading female role as confirmed by NetFlix UK & Ireland is Victoria Pedretti (who played Nell in The Haunting of Hill House)She will play the character called Love Quinn, who is an emerging chef in Los Angeles.

Season 2 will explore the deeper parts of Joe Goldberg’s life. It will show the unfinished business between him and Candace. And the much more new and exciting plot is awaiting as the last season ended with a lot of unanswered questions. Make the room cozy because its about time to binge for Season 2.

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