Netflix Kieta Hatsukoi Drama Series All Episodes, Cast and All Details


Today, we have brought a very popular Korean love-romance web series Kieta Hatsukoi Review for you. If you really love Japanese TV shows and anime that you must have heard about this web series. Nowadays it has gained lots of appreciation from audiences who have been watching it till now, It is a sweet romantic drama web series which takes place among teenage school students. It is a very complicated cutest love that we will get to see in this web series. On the internet web, you will see that it is recognized with different names such as Vanishing My First Love, The First Love That Disappeared, My Love Mix-Up!

According to the sources, the series is an adaptation of a Manga from Japan. We always appreciate the Korean film industry for its exceptional romantic drama web series.

Netflix Kieta Hatsukoi Drama Series All Episodes Cast Review & All Details

Kieta Hatsukoi Story, Star Cast, Review, & All Details

The Korean drama Kieta Hatsukoi takes place in a school when a boy named Aoki notice that he doesn’t have an eraser when he needed it most. At that time, he gets an eraser from his classmate Hashimoto-san. Here, we will see that boy has a crush on her. Although, he has never expressed his feeling toward the girl whom he loves. Suddenly, he shocks when he sees the name”Ida San ♥” written on the eraser. Then, he realizes that she has a crush on Ida San ( another classmate). Ida-san sees his name on the eraser in Aoki’s hand. He mistakenly thought that the eraser belongs to Aoki. Then, he thinks that Aoki secretly loves him.

Heart Melting And Fascinating Plot

Kieta Hatsukoi Korean romantic web series depicts high school students’ loves story. Even though, we have watched such types of love stories before. As you know, it seems reals as everyone has a crush on their school time. For that reason, the audiences relate the story of drama. According to the sources, the web series got positive feedback for its content and narration. Kieta Hatsukoi is the cutest love story where a boy who has a crush on his classmate. But when he realized he loves another boy then he tries every way to meet the girl with the boy who she loves.

Michieda Shunsuke In Netflix Kieta Hatsukoi Drama Series All Episodes Cast Review & All Details
Michieda Shunsuke

The Actors Look Like Came Straight Out of the Manga

Since Kieta Hatsukoi was shown on Japanese Channel TV Asahi and other platforms. People have been gaining a love for the casting director who assigns brilliant actors for web series. Although, people say that characters Aoki and Ida both look like a Manga accurate. Their faces look like Manga characters with perfect body shapes According to the sources, people relate to the actor’s emotions toward their characters in the series. The makers keep the picture light in a soft tone. These are the following positive points that people have been loving most about web series.

Perfect chemistry

The loves storey drams seem beautiful when we relate with the characters and their chemistry. Kieta Hatsukoi full fill everything that you have desired for a series. It is the teenage high school where we get to see the loves story as well chemistry among lead characters. When you watch this series, you will realize that it comes to positive vibes and put a smile on your face. We have been seen that every love story ends with either happiness or grief. But these series have a different charisma when you see first. Especially, In episode 2, a scene where Aoki gets an eraser from his crush.

Fukumoto Riko

Super-Cute And Mildly TV Script That Respect The Original

Since the Kieta Hatsukoi web series has been gaining lots of attention from the viewers. According to the sources, Kieta Hatsukoi Korean loves romance drama comes from an original Manga. As you know, how much people appreciate the Manga of Japan. The series has been getting positive feedback from the audience for the narration and casting. If narration and casting hadn’t been perfect, then it would have not got any good impact on the web series. So, we would say that all credit goes to storytelling and casting directors.

Kieta Hatsukoi Star Cast & Where To Watch

  • Michieda Shunsuke as Akio
  • Fukumoto Riko as Hashimoto-San
  • Meguro Ren as Ida-San
Meguro Ren

After gaining immense love from the audience, a piece of news came on social media saying that soon Kieta Hatsukoi will be released on Netflix. So, it must be great when it releases on a very popular streaming service. Let us tell you, the series has already been released in Taiwan with the title ‘My Love Mix-Up’. Stay tuned for more exciting and amazing news only on All Social Updates.


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