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Nerve-wracking moment massive lion dwarfs brave zookeeper during dental check-up

A majestic lion was filmed standing at 7ft tall on its hind legs while a brave keeper hand-fed him a treat and inspected his razor-sharp teeth.

In the clip, filmed at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, the animal lover holds up a stick with a ball on the end.

The giant lion rears up onto his hind legs and puts two dinner-plate-sized paws onto the wire fence.

Looking much more graceful than you’d expect from an animal that big, the lion delicately eats the treat straight from the keeper’s bare hand which gives him the chance to examine his teeth close up.

The lion then licks his chops and looks happy.

The African lion is called Kasanga
African lion Kasanga getting a dental check-up at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent

“Health checks allow keepers to check our cats’ teeth, underbelly, eyes, paws, and claws,” an on-screen caption explains.

Since it was uploaded on the video-sharing app, the clip has been “liked” more than 100,000 times, and thousands of people left comments.

One viewer said: “Omg that lion is so huge I would be intimidated and scared even with it in a cage.”

“He looked like he was trying to be so gentle taking the treat,” said a second person.

Another user wrote: “How sweetly did he take his treat?”

The lion gently takes a treat
He gently takes a treat from his handler after sitting through his examination

The Big Cat Sanctuary said the African lion was called Kasanga and its website explains he used to be a circus animal before he was rescued.

It reads: “He steals the hearts of all who meet him!

“His majestic posing and outstanding looks are complemented by a very warm and cheeky nature.

“It’s unusual for him not to greet visitors to his enclosure by getting up to see what’s happening, or to check out if there just may be a treat coming his way.

“On his hind legs, Kasanga stands at an incredible height – towering over our tallest guests, yet retaining his gentle manner when taking hand feeds.

“He’s also proved himself to be quite the cover boy as he’s as photogenic as he is handsome, one truly magnificent lion.”

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Nerve-wracking moment massive lion dwarfs brave zookeeper during dental check-up
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