Need to Cool Off? Look at These 3 Fan Hacks


Summer is the season that brings the pleasure of eating ice cream and family picnics. At the same time, the season is also the harbinger of skin prickling heat and humidity. 

As the heatwave engulfs the entire country during summer, all the fun starts to fizzle, especially inside the house. You may have an air conditioner in your home, but it can get massively expensive if you keep it running throughout the day. To keep the electricity bills down and stay cool in the scorching summer heat, you can pair up your AC with efficient fan models

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To help, here are some life hacks that will help you chill (literally), using the fans you already have in your house: 

  • Create a Crosswind

When fans operate, the electric motors turn the electrical energy into mechanical energy, most of which dissipates inside the room as heat. 

For cold air, the fan creates a wind-chill effect, meaning that the ceiling fans are only useful when they move air over the skin for cooling. There are two ways that they cool our bodies: 

  1. Evaporative cooling 
  2. Convective cooling 

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The fans help create a crosswind by getting the hot air out while simultaneously dragging cold air in. The first step here is to close all the room -cover curtains, drapes, and blinds – you do not want to get the sun-warmed air inside the room. 

During the evening, open your windows and place one pedestal fan facing out of your window which will push the heat out. Use a second fan if available to circulate cool air in the room.

  • Use Tall Windows

This hack is all about getting the hot air out of the rooms. If you have tall windows, place your small portable fan as high as possible, facing outwards from the window. A table or stool can support this. Remember, hot air always rises, and the goal is to force as much hot air as possible out of the room.

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  • Trick with the Table Fan  

You must have seen mist fans at weddings and outdoor parties that give out a cool breeze. Operating on the same logic, fill a bowl with a block of ice or cold water and place it at an angle right in front of a large table fan. When you do this, the air from the ventilator whips cold water off the surface of the ice as it melts, creating a cooling mist.

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Along with these tips, you can also choose the best ceiling fans to complement the secondary fans and help cool the room evenly. Ceiling fans are available with three, four or five blades. More blades, however, do not mean that the ceiling fan will circulate more air.

Four or five blades can create a drag and slow the ceiling fan. The most common ceiling fan model used in households is the one with three-blades, which is also the most effective option for cooling (better distribution of air). Four and five-blade ceiling fans are more aesthetically pleasing despite being quieter and having slower running speed. 

If you do not have a portable fan, you can look online for a variety of choices from renowned brands like Luminous. Luminous Portable Fans are made of high-quality premium plastic or metal to offer a sleek, elegant feel. They use durable materials and advanced aerodynamic design for all portable fans. The motors come fitted with self-aligning sintered bronze bearings to allow noiseless operation. They are sold at a reasonable price and provide efficient cooling. 

Most portable fans have oscillating heads with an adjustable height for ease of use to allow for more excellent air circulation. Besides these things, keep yourself hydrated and dress as loosely as you can on those particularly hot days. Have a great summer! 


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