NCIS Season 19: What’s Going To Be The Fate For Nick Torres?


While NCIS season 19 airs on CBS tonight, why not go ahead and share some behind-the-scenes news from Wilmer Valderrama?

In the post on Instagram below, Wilmer (alongside McGee himself in Sean Murray) thanks viewers for their timeless support while also praising the consistently-strong ratings. All of that’s great, but we think that viewers are immediately going to notice all of the cuts across the actor’s face.

So what’s going on here? This is technically not the first time that we’ve seen a social-media tease from Wilmer showing his character in rough shape; we saw this previously a couple of weeks ago.

NCIS Season 19

One theory for Torres’ physical condition is that the post today may be for the same episode from a couple of weeks back; production did probably take some sort of production break for Thanksgiving. Another theory is that Torres’ injury carries over for a couple of episodes. Given how much he’s out in the field, and how dangerous a job this tends to be, we can’t be surprised that he’s going to be hurt on a number of occasions.

The most important thing is that Nick ends up being okay and for now, we’re confident in that. Just think of how cruel it would be for NCIS to write off this character after seeing Sloane, Bishop, and Gibbs all leave over the past year.

What do you most want to see from Nick Torres on NCIS season 19 moving forward?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates on the way and of course, we don’t want you to miss any of them.


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