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Navjot Singh Sidhu resigns as Punjab Cabinet Minister

Navjot Singh Sidhu had resigned from the state cabinet of Punjab. He does so by writing a letter to the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi. The letter stated ‘I hereby resign as Minister from the Punjab cabinet’. The letter is dated on 10 June and was posted on Twitter by Navjot Singh Sidhu. He does this after 4 days from the reshuffling exercise, which took place on 6 June.

It was reported that Navjot Sing Sidhu was deprived of the ministry of tourism and cultural affair by Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab. He was allotted the ministry of new and renewable energy sources. Since then he did not take charge of his power.

It was also brought to notice that Navjot Singh Sindhu was snubbed when he left out of the consultative groups formed by the chief minister on June 8.

Tensions between Amrinder Singh, chief minister of Punjab and Navjot Singh Sidhu continue to rise. Last year, in Hyderabad Sidhu, commented on Amrinder Singh that Rahul Gandhi is his captain; also he is the Captain of the Captain Amrinder Singh. Sidhu has also been criticized by Amrinder Singh for exploiting the prospects of Congress with his comments against him.

Navjot Singh Sidhu resigns as Punjab Cabinet Minister
navjot singh sidhu

Amrinder Singh also disapproved of Navjot Singh Sidhu hugging the Army Cheif of Pakistan, during his visit there.

Last month, when he met Rahul Gandhi, the president of Congress, along with Priyanka Gandhi, he handed over the letter to him.

Earlier also he had brought the point of leaving the politics if Rahul Gandhi loses the election from Amethi. He waited from a month for the reconciliation.

Navjot Singh Sidhu resigns as Punjab Cabinet Minister
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