Nandamuri Kalyan’s “Amigos” OTT Release Date Out!! Where To Stream It & More

The Telugu entertainment world is touching new heights, with more and more audiences leaning toward it. With rich content and larger-than-life characters, most movies stand out, stacking high box office collections. 

Coming to recent hits, Actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has stunned the fans with his latest movie, Amigos. If you are a fan of Nandamuri, Amigos will surely be a treat for you as the actor has played not one, not two, but three roles in the movie. As an audience, we know it’s not a joke to deliver such an insane performance in three roles in the same movie. 

So, after winning the hearts of the theatrical audience, Amigos is coming on the OTTs to set new viewership records. But where to watch it, and what is the Amigos OTT release date? Here is all we know so far. 

Amigos OTT Release Date 

Amigos” OTT Release Date

The Telugu hit movie; Amigos will drop online on March 10, 2023, per the reports. However, the creators did not make an official announcement till now. 

Where To Watch Amigos Online?

When it comes to hits, Netflix never backs off the game. Yes!! Netflix has officially grabbed the streaming rights of Amigos, and it will drop on the platform on March 10. The movie will be exclusively available for the subscription holders. Don’t have one? Grab it fast and get ready to watch Amigos…

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