Nagaland Lottery board : How to claim prize money 2019

Nagaland is a paradise state for gambling lovers, so many gambling-related activities are going on there that too officially.

In the sequence the Nagaland State Lotteries Department which organizes various lottery schemes. Among the notable lottery schemes of the Department is Day Dear, the Dear noon and Dear evening lotteries.

The results of the day, evening and the noon lotteries are released every day At 11:55 A. M, 04.00 P. M Evening and 08.00 P. M. respectively by the officials of the state lottery board.

The state lottery board has issued an advisory for the people who regularly or occasionally buy lottery tickets. The department has stated that The Winners of this Lottery Tickets are Advised to Claim For Prize Money as soon as they can, later on, they might have to face some technicalities.


We have provided the procedure to claim the prize money –

  • The applicants have to submit their claims to the state lottery board, for the lotteries that are taxable in nature.
  • Name of the Claimant, Postal Address and name Of the Lottery, Prize Amount, Pan Number, Contact No and Bank Detail Like Bank Account No, IFSC Code, Name of the Bank and Branch, Cancelled Cheque Etc, are the credentials you will have to mention in the application form.

You have to submit the official lottery ticket along with a photocopy, duly attested by a gazetted officer or notary public. Along with this, you have to submit 4 passport size photographs of yourself. All this coupled with an Affidavit of Ownership Of the Prize-Winning Ticket From Any 1st Class Magistrate / Notary Public should be submitted.

You won’t be eligible for any prize if the ticket is torn, mutilated or defaced.

Any tampering with the ticket will be considered as a crime and will attract court proceedings.

Prize money will be handed over to you after a deduction of 30% tax.

The money will be paid in the form of a cheque or through RTGS. The money will form part of your income under the head of other sources.

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