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Mystery woman who can’t remember name but speaks perfect English found on remote island

A mystery woman who speaks excellent English but can’t remember her own name has rocked up on the shores of a remote island.

Rescuers have been left baffled by her bizarre story. She didn’t have a passport, papers, nor a phone.

Believed to be in her 60s, she survived several nights on the Croatian isle of Krk despite bears prowling nearby, reports The Sun.

After a confused fisherman saw her waving, a brave rescue team of 14 men used 4×4 cars to trek two miles over jagged rocks.

Officials from Rijeka, a nearby port, claim that the OAP could barely drink water because she was so weak.

Mystery woman
The woman was found bruised and bloodied

Sources claim the woman spoke English “like a professor” – but her nationality is still unknown.

She is 5ft 4in tall and has blonde shoulder-length hair.

A local told news site 24Sata: “It’s weird that she was looking in the area at all.

“It is an extremely inaccessible part of the bay with terribly sharp rocks — literally razors that cut the rubber on your shoes.

The island is very remote and has wild animals roaming

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“There is no life or animals except maybe wild boars or bears which know how to swim to here in search of food, but this is a rarity because there is no food, nothing.

“A woman that age certainly could not swim that distance, it needs exceptional strength.”

Krk Island is the largest in the Adriatic Sea.

It has a total area of 157 miles and a population in excess of 17,000 people.

It is located about 30 km from Rijeka and connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Another island news: A massive volcanic eruption has emitted smoke and lava onto the Spanish Canary Island, La Palma.

It is affecting the Cumbre Vieja National Park, a popular tourist spot.

The explosion caused evacuations of tourists, locals, and animals.

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Mystery woman who can't remember name but speaks perfect English found on remote island
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