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If you are a registered member of Loughborough University, Myhr Lboro must be your ultimate companion. It’s the official HR portal supervised by Loughborough University. They are reaching out to the portal at the UK, all the active members of the university can access a bag full of features that makes working much more accessible and enhances their productivity. 

Myhr Lboro
Myhr Lboro

So, if you are wondering how to use the Myhr Lboro portal and access all the perks, we are here to guide you. Scroll down to get a complete step-by-step guide on the MyHR portal of Loughborough University. 

More About Loughborough University – Myhr. lboro 

Loughborough University, known as Lboro, is one of England’s top public research universities. Situated in the market town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, the institution was set up in 1966. The university focuses on skill development and knowledge. It maintains a vast employee base to ensure proper functioning. However, to manage and handle their details, working data, and more, Loughborough University has developed an advanced employee portal, Myhr Lboro. 

Myhr Lboro
Myhr Lboro

With the employee portal, Myhr,, the university manages the working staff’s payslips, policies, salary updates, payroll, and other employment details. It allows the employees to monitor their operational information. This creates a bridge of trust and connects the employees with the university. Therefore, all the registered members can enjoy incredible benefits by accessing the Myhr Loughborough employee portal. However, the employees need to enter the doorway to get hands-on perks. So, if you are confused about how to log into the account, here is the complete guide – 

Requirements For Logging Into Myhr Lboro Portal 

Here are the requirements for logging into the Myhr portal of Myhr Lboro – 

  • The user must be a registered employee of Lboro University. 
  • They must have a valid employee ID supplied by the university. 
  • They will need the official website URL. 
  • A device with a good internet connection is mandatory for logging into the employee portal. 
  • They must have a registered email ID. 

How To Log In To Myhr Lboro Employee Portal?

To access the perks offered by Lboro University, the employees must log into their official accounts. After logging into your account, you will get a dashboard with many features. Here are the simple steps to log in to your Lboro Employee account on Myhr, –

Myhr Lboro

  • Visit the official website at Myhr, 
  • Wait till the page loads and get to the login window. 
  • Next, enter your valid username and security code or password to continue. 
  • Now, hit the “Login” button to enter your Myhr Lboro account. 
  • Wait till the website takes you to your account dashboard, and now you can check your employment details and enjoy many features. 

Loughborough University Contact Details 

Loughborough University maintains one of the most dynamic technical support teams to ensure the employees get an edge on quality assistance. So, if you are a registered employee of Lboro University and face any trouble logging into your account, contact the official employee support at 01509 222333. 

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If you have any queries about Myhr Lboro, please get in touch with the authorities via email at [email protected].