Myhr Kellogg Login at Online Benefits Portal

The Kellogg Company is one of America’s most famous multinational food manufacturing companies. It produces a wide range of quality cereals and convenience foods. Being one of the top firms in the food industry, Kellog maintains a huge working staff. To make all the in-house functions more transparent and allow the employees to access all the valuable perks, the company has designed a unique website It’s an advanced technology-based online portal that manages Kellogg employees’ buckets full of data.

Myhr Kellogg Login at Online Benefits Portal is an online portal maintained by Kellogg’s Human Resources. The website offers a wide range of human resources services to the registered members of the company. First, the users need to log into the website with their active Employee ID and access all their employee information.

About Kellogg Company 

The Kellogg Company operates under the name Kellogg’s across 180 countries. It is the top multinational food-producing firm in America. The company manufactures cereals and other convenience food items in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. With a mission of nourishing families across the globe, the company offers quality food at cost-effective rates.

Myhr Kellogg Login at Online Benefits Portal

To ensure the company runs smoothly, the authorities of Kellogg’s keep special care of its employees. It provides the workers get the maximum benefits. This enables them to develop a good relationship with the staff and create a productive working ecosystem. Kellogg’s has created a dedicated website for their working staff,

The website allows the employees to get their hands on all beneficiary plans supplied by the company. They can access their employee benefits, view their working schedule, print tax forms, apply for leave, manage their working hours, check payment status, and do much more through the website. However, many non-techy employees may find using the Kellogg Myhr portal a bit complex. So, here is your complete step-by-step guide to creating an employee account and enjoying the perks offered by the company –

Requirements To Access Kellogg’s Myhr Portal 

Here are the things the active employees mandatorily need to access the official Kellogg’s HR website –

  • Kellogg’s Myhr Login Website Address
  • Registered Employee ID
  • A valid email ID
  • Myhr Kellogg’s login credentials
  • A device with a fast and secure Internet connection

How To Log Into Myhr Kellogg?

Myhr Kellogg Login at Online Benefits Portal

Kellogg’s offers a bunch of services for employees. Retired, former, and current employees can access the Myhr website to enjoy all the features. If you are a registered employee of the company, follow these simple steps to log into your account –

  • Visit the official Myhr Kellogg website at
  • Once you get to the login page, enter your login credentials on the specified location.
  • You will need your Username and Security code or Password to log in.
  • Now, hit the submit button to enter the dashboard.

More Information About Employee Benefits At Kellogg

  • Industry – Breakfast Cereal Manufacturer
  • Parent Company – Kellogg
  • Work Benefits – Health Perks, Telecommuting, Flexible Working Hours, and more.
  • Vacation Allowance – The new employees can apply for three weeks of paid holidays after the first year on the job.

Contact Information 

If you find any difficulties logging into your Myhr Kellogg account, you can report them to technical support. Kellogg has a highly active technical service to help employees with all sorts of problems. Reach out to Kellogg’s technical assistance at 1-800-243-7643 or [email protected].