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MyEnvoyAir: Established in 1984, Envoy Air Inc. is the erstwhile American Eagle Airline, currently the parent company of Envoy Air. This American airline tops the chart for being the world’s most extensive regional airline system. As of now, Pedro Fabregas is the CEO of Envoy Air. 

If you are unaware of the many financial benefits of being a core staff member, then you are missing a significant portion of something. MY ENVOY AIR is the airline’s official web portal where one may continually look for their performance to improve. The web portal also contains details about the employee’s savings and retirement. 


MyEnvoyAir has a lot of privileges with total rewards packages that are unique to Envoy Air only. The benefits offered to you are not only limited to you; your family members and friends can enjoy them. 

What is ENVOY AIR? Benefits offered by Enjoy Air

Envoy Air also has its web portal named MyEnvoyAir, which is made to be used by airline workers. Envoy Air provides customers 100 flights daily, flying to over 170 destinations worldwide. The airline has about 18000 staff working for them. These 18000 employees also enjoy a lot of advantages as airline workers. Some of the most attractive features include three medical options with two additional dental options, illness insurance, employee credit union, paid leaves, and incentives for good performance. 

Other benefits that one can enjoy as an Envoy Air employee are as follows: 

  • Envoy Air employee vision insurance. 
  • Employee AD & D insurance. 
  • A long list of benefits to select from includes critical illness insurance, health savings account, flexible spending accounts, and group legal plan. 
  • Under financial benefits, retirement and saving benefits fall under performance incentives, 401 (k) with matching funds, and employee credit union. 
  • The airline workers who have been working for over a year are granted seven days of paid leave, while those who have been in the airline working for more than 14 years can get 40 days of paid leave, which is more than a month. 
  • You are lucky enough to get 11 days of paid leave in a year for sick time. 

Complete MY ENVOY AIR LOGIN guide.

MyEnvoyAir web portal is straightforward, and one will learn the page in an hour or so. Sign up for the same to be eligible for all the facilities MyEnvoyAir gives. Register yourself once; you only need to keep logging in to use the page. Here is a complete guide to help you out with all of it:

How to register for MyEnvoyAir

  • Make sure you have a compatible device. The portal works on a PC, Laptop, and any good smartphone. 
  • Through an internet browser, reach the official website 
  • There will be an option for the newcomers written as ‘the first-time user’; click on it.
  •  There are several required details asked, which have to be filled in. 
  • Please fill them out and conclude the necessity by entering your valid personal email id. 
  • Generate a password for your account. Create something that shall be easy for you to remember later on. 

How to login into MyEnvoyAir

Logging into the portal is the same process as registering, only that you must continue as an existing member on the same web page. 

  • Go to the official page

  • Enter your user ID and password by clicking the ‘login’ button. 
  • After this, you will be taken to your account if the entered password and ID match.

How to reset the password for MyEnvoyAir

Unfortunately, when somebody forgets their password, it’s naturally stressful. Well, don’t be! Retrieving passwords in the MyEnvoyAir web portal when a user fails the password is simple too. Take a look at the guide below:

  • Click on forgot password.

  • Type the unique eight-digit AA user ID to find your account. 
  • You must make sure that the ID contains eight digits. Those with a short ID can add zeros ahead of the ID and make it an eight-digit ID number. 
  • Then, you will be asked to do certain things and enter the given email ID. 
  • Your email handle will automatically receive a link to help you with the password reset. Clicking on the password will redirect you to a new page where you may change your password.
  • After you know your password has been resolved, check for the same by going to the web page and logging in to see your account. Then, enter your AA user ID with the new password you have just set. 

ENVOY AIR customer care

For any technical errors or questions about the airline, you can contact customer support via telephone at 800-433-7300 and 800-633-3711. You can also look for answers on the official web page itself.


You can take advantage of the different offers offered by Envoy Air. Know each of them properly, so you don’t have any problems.

  1. Follow the links properly to ensure that there’s little or no confusion.
  2. is for general Envoy Air benefits,
  3. is for Envoy Air Pilots,
  4. is the customer service page,
  5. The homepage of the website is

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How to start accessing

You must first register and then log into the account to use 

How to reset the password for your account?

Resetting an account password when you don’t remember the previous one is very simple in the web portal. You must only look for the ‘forgot password option on the homepage and follow the instructions. 

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