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My Name Season 2 Release Date: Cast , Plot and Everything Else

Netflix and Attention are two words we have been hearing for half a decade now, and it’s still quite interesting, so here is Netflix once again with an exciting and engaging show, My name. A girl whose father was killed in front of her eyes is just dealing with why this happened, so let’s see what Netflix has planned for us this time and what’s is all about the season 2.

My Name Season 2 Release Date

So the first season is on the line and is ready to strike us on 15 October 2021, consisting of 8 episodes. The crime drama thriller’s season 2 is rumored to be hit your living room screens on 14 October 2022, but how many episodes, that are still in speculation and I think we have to wait few days for season one, and then let’s see where the story goes, my thinking we will be listening very soon for the next season.

My Name Season 2 Cast

My Name Season 2 cast

In season one, we will Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo, the suffered girl who will take her revenge, Park Hee-soon as Choi Moo-jin, Ahn Bo-Hyun as Jeon Pil-do, Kim Sang-ho as Cha Gi-ho, Lee Hak-Joo as Jung Tae-Joo, Chang Ryul as Do Gang-Jae, Rich Ting as Mu-jin Choi and Yull Jang as Gang-Jae Do.

So, it is a Korean show, and we have seen just a few days back how a Korean show came and conquered social media. The show was worth watching, so we can’t underestimate a Korean show on Netflix because anything but not, the actors are worth watching as we have seen them in the past like Han So-hee in Nevertheless, Park Hee-Soon in Seven Days and they were great, so I think we are expecting a bang of the show here.

Contemplating in our clever brains for season two, I think let’s not jump to a conclusion here, but we know the main cast will be back, and that thriller killer drama will be there, but it’s Netflix we can’t say what rock-solid here is, so let’s wait for season one to premiere and see the world’s reaction.

My Name Season 2 Plot

So the show’s name was not My name at. First, it was Underground, but later it was changed. So the plot revolves around a girl who saw her father died and is broken by it but to avenge this, she wants to find the killer, so she joins a crime kingpin and follows his direction as in her eyes, the ultimate goal is to kill the man responsible for her father’s death, and the crime kingpin made her believe that the killer is a police officer, so she infiltrates the police force with a different name and then the real story began she has to see whom to trust who is after her and who is the killer as in her mind all she wants is revenge.

Han, who has played Yoon, has played it so beautifully that we will be in just aww to see her on the screens. This show has it all the action, the drama, the mission, and the killer cast.

Talking about the second season, we will have to see how this season unfolds the truth. The lies of Yoon’s life and what direction it takes in the eight episodes till then, you are open to making any assumptions you want because that’s all shows and fans are all about but stick back to the site for any upcoming developments.

My Name Season 2 Trailer

When the season one trailer dropped, the people’s expectations just began higher, seeing it all coming together so nicely and how the effort has been made to connect the people to a girl’s life and feel for the steps she takes.

We know the show has a lot to give if all this we can take from the trailer. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for season two’s trailer for a bit. The first one is a lot to handle.

My Name Season 2 Release Date: Cast , Plot and Everything Else
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