My eStub Paperless Pay Login at – Employee Portal

My eStub: Paperless Pay Corporation (PPC) strives towards making a paperless payroll system. My-Estub, an employee Portal, provides employees with immediate income access. This gives the employees a better understanding of their payroll system.

It is more than just a paperless payroll service. It offers employees an insight into their salaries, discounts, various company benefits, the details of their paychecks, and many more. Giving the payroll contract to Estub can be beneficial to the employees. All the paperwork is eliminated, and the employees can easily track all information regarding their salaries. 

My eStub Paperless Pay Login at - Employee Portal

Online services like thesis are an essential step towards innovation. Not only do they save tons of paper, but they also provide an immediate and hassle-free experience to the employees. Moreover, the access is kept simple for the benefit of the user. Hence more and more companies are shifting towards online portals for employee-related functions. 

Login method to MyEstub Portal

The following steps can be followed to login into your MyEstub Portal. The process is relatively simple and hence is convenient for even new members-

  • Open ‘’
  • On the left topmost corner of the current page, there is an option for “Employee Portal.” 
  • Click on it
  • Enter your Username 
  • Enter the password given by your company
  • Post logging in, and change the password if you want to.

My eStub Paperless Pay Login at - Employee Portal

Setting Up your MyEstub portal account

The entire process of setting up an Estub account is relatively simple. For a first-time member, you must sign up at My Estub. Visit the Estub setup. Once on the page, it would be best to make a fresh new password consisting of an uppercase alphabet, a number, and a unique character. 

The site will provide you with security questions to answer to proceed. Remember the answers, which will be handy if you cannot recall your password. 

After you set up the account on My Estub, you are ready to access your payroll online, making the whole process online and accessible. 

Set Up Your Account Preferences

You can use the following features. These account preferences enable you to modify your page to your convenience. You can change your preferences to select these features on your page- 

  • Email delivery system
  • listing of Payment
  • Online access to Paystub
  • Get SMS notification
  • Online options available for W2

The expectation from MyEstub

My Estub allows you to access your payroll anytime, anywhere. My Estub stores two years long information on your Paystub, payrolls, and other related and relevant information. It enables you to access the following details by date:

  • Year-to-date allotments
  • Year-to-date allocations
  • Deductions in the Paycheck 
  • Personal details 

This portal allows you to adjust the page layout most suited to you. In addition, my-Estub outlet understands the sensitivity of data stored with them and implements full security measures to ensure your information is safe. 

They also update their security system quarterly to save your data from hackers or identity thieves. This makes their system secure and trustable. 

Extra benefits Of MyEstub Account

If your employer chooses a paperless system, then you get to access the following advantages of online portals-

  • Identity protection- ID Commander specializes in the Department of Protection from ID theft. Paperless Pay Corporation has partnered with them to ensure that the data of employees are safe and secure. They offer the following plans to all employees: insurance for Identity theft, monitoring credit, 24/7 assistance in a lost wallet, theft alerts, and several other benefits.  
  • Discounts and Savings benefits- Many benefits, including discounts on leisure activities, can be availed. A discount program known as FunVantage includes dining, shopping, and entertainment. Members have first-hand access to deals on certain gift cards to restaurants, cinema tickets, flight tickets, and up to 50% discounts on various brands.
  • Categorized Storage of Personal Data- Account holders can use secure file storage provided by File Security Center. You can access the safe storage of all the files. So say goodbye to tons of paper and files; all your data, including images and videos, can be saved in these storage folders and secure. 

FunVantage Feedback System

FunVantage has an active feedback system enables the members to give feedback on the online portal’s experience. However, there are some issues the users have faced with the discount offers of FunVantage. 

There was much incompetency with the billing system brought to light by the My Estub portal members. 

Many claimed that the site duped them by offering a $100 gift card and then asking for $1 to redeem it. They enquired about their personal and financial information, not required to redeem a gift card. 

Many scammed customers complained that the feedback system was not competent enough and not helping. Many members faced multiple charges from unauthorized sources who called to redeem the gift cards.


While many customers have reported glitches in the system, one cannot ignore the portal’s positive experiences. In addition, many customers have availed of various discounts that were offered to them by the site. 

My Estub is a step towards advancement in the payroll system as it ensures that the employees have easy access to their payroll system, which was tedious to access before. Moreover, an account of all the expenses helps them give proof that their extra pay for extra hours of work is not included. 

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The Paperless Pay Corporation has a strict privacy policy that they adhere to concerning storing data. If your company has chosen My Estub, they have entered into a binding conemployees’ricting access to the employees’ personal and financial information. Hence ensuring trust in the system. 

Primarily switching payroll systems online is not only environment friendly but is efficient. Apart from all the advantageous offers to the members, switching to the online system offers several benefits. 

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