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Mum’s horror after son paints naked picture of her at school then shows everyone

It’s a big moment in parenting when your child completes a drawing of you at school.

While some parents might hang it up on the wall and frame it, others will put it on the fridge.

Unfortunately, for one woman, that was not the case when her son chose to draw something entirely different.

Mum Nikki Britton was entertained when she came across the “masterpiece” her son Jack had done at school.

She saw the painting was a naked photo of her – and to top it all off, the youngster showed everyone in assembly. Yikes!

Nikki shared a photo of her son’s work via Facebook.

Nikki's son's drawing of her
The boy’s naked picture of his mum was then shown to his class

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She said: “After a clear out, I came across this masterpiece that my lovely son had painted of me when he was in infant school.

“The first time I saw it was in his class assembly, where my little Picasso proudly showed the whole school, including the parents.

“I could hear the mumbles of laughter and wanted the ground to swallow me up!

“He was so disappointed that I didn’t get the toe rag when I tried to find it, he told me, “I don’t have any time to paint on you.””

Nikki added that she didn’t know what was going through her teacher’s mind when he let the painting to be shown in assembly.

She joked: “Aren’t children just wonderful!”

Many people were left in stitches over the naked painting, as one said: “I love the way he handled shoes and not clothes.”

Another wrote: “They look great! Take pride. My daughter was curious as to why I had three belly buttons in a busy changing area.

Mum's horror after son paints naked picture of her at school then shows everyone
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