Mum gets trapped in Zara jumpsuit and has to return to store to free herself


Mum gets trapped in Zara jumpsuit and has to return to store to free herself

Finding out there’s a faulty zipper on your new outfit after you’ve tried it on isn’t exactly ideal.

But that’s what happened to one mother who got herself into a rather sticky zip-uation while trying on her new Zara purchase.

The woman’s daughter Isabel Robins (@isabelrobins) posted footage of the entire incident to TikTok as her mother got herself stuck in a brand new jumpsuit, thanks to a faulty zipper.

The struggle led to the woman returning to the store to request their help. All of this was also captured on camera.

Isabel begins the video by showing viewers the stuck zipper on the floral green jumpsuit – and it didn’t look like it was going to budge anytime soon.

Refusing to admit defeat by cutting herself out the jumpsuit, Isabel’s mum decided that she should seek help from the professional – the sales assistants from the Zara store where she purchased the outfit. Who knows the clothes better than Isabel’s mum?

Isabel films her mother driving to the store in her jumpsuit. They finally arrive at the Zara shop and the mom rushes to the lift.

They arrive at Zara’s store to find that there is no staff member. Luckily, though, they are soon able to flag down a sales assistant who is more than happy to help with the mum’s zipper problem.

The assistant plays with the zip, and then successfully unzips the jumpsuit for the mum. Isabel films her mother walking in her normal clothes.

It turns out that the trip back to the shop was worthwhile.

Since posting about her mum’s clothing mishap, Isabel’s video has received more than 240,000 views, and nearly 6,500 likes.

One person wasn’t so sympathetic to the mum’s struggle and wrote: “How is that Zara’s problem? They shouldn’t have helped her.”

“You wonder why Zara employees have an attitude,” another person said.

However, others found the whole thing funny.

Someone else added: “I’m deaddddddddd,” with laughing emojis.

“The look of relief,” Another person added a laugh emoji.

The moral of this story is always check the zipper before wearing or if you don’t there’s some helpful Zara sales assistants who can help with zipper problems.


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