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Multi-storey Building Collapsed In Solan, Himachal Pradesh – Army Personnel Trapped

Himachal Pradesh is facing heavy rain from the past couple of days,  such heavy rain is causing a lot of problems around the state. On account of heavy downfall, a building which had a in house restaurant could not stand the heavy water and collapsed, it was a multistorey building. As mentioned earlier the building had a restaurant, few army personnel along with their family were having a brief stop at the restaurant as informed by a local officer. 

Around 30 people including army personnel and their families are feared trapped in it. It is reported that 15 army men are rescued till now, the NDRF teams are trying their best to fasten the rescue operation. 

Chandigarh Shimla national highway was struck by massive landslides equipped with lots of mud covering the roads, this resulted in the prolonged traffic jams on the roads. Similar was the condition of the highway which stretches to Solan, forcing the group of army personnel to have a stay at the restaurant. 

Solan collapse
Solan collapse

It was around 4 in the afternoon when the restaurant has a restaurant on its top floor collapsed. The rescue operation is in full force and so far 15 people are allegedly rescued. To everyone’s relief, no casualties are reported as of now. Director cum Special Secretary Revenue and Disaster Management DC Rana assured that they are trying their best to rescue the army jawans. The locals are of the opinion that the rescue operation was not quick enough, the rescue teams do not have the required equipment which is required to get through the collapsed building. 

All the people who are rescued are taken to the Dharampur local hospital for initial check-ups. As many as 7 ambulances are deployed in the rescue operation.  Head of operations BK Agarwal stated that their prime focus is on saving the lives of those who are trapped at the time of reporting around 15 people were rescued. 

Multi-storey Building Collapsed In Solan, Himachal Pradesh – Army Personnel Trapped
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