Muddy Movie Box Office Collection WorldWide Day Wise


Muddy Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide: The Muddy Movie is one of the most anticipated movies ever in India. The story is entirely different and has never been done before. It is based on mud racing, written and supervised by Dr. Pragabhal, and funded by Prema Krishnadas. The Movie is a fully intense action and adventure thriller movie that will hit theaters on December 10, 2021. Several films have been made about racing. However, it is the first Movie made about the Jeep mud race.

Muddy Movie Box Office Collection WorldWide Day Wise

Muddy Movie Box Office Collections WorldWide Day Wise

The film director says that the film is made entirely on par with Hollywood movies. The images in this film have never been shot before. It took nearly five years to finish this film, as the team required the scenes to be original with no dupe. The film director wants the film to be realistic and wants the audience to feel the practical experience. The film is made in various Indian languages ​​such as Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. The film will be released simultaneously in all Indian languages.

Muddy Movie Box Office Collection Worldwide

Day wise disgusting Part
Day 1 € 14 Cr + € 9 Cr
Day 2 € 12 Cr €8 Cr
Day 3 €10 Cr € 7.5 Cr
Day 4 €8 Cr €5 Cr
Day 5 € 7 Cr €4 Cr
Day 6 €5 Cr € 3 Cr
Day 7 €5 Cr €2 kr
Total collection €60 Cr € 33 Cr

Muddy Movie Pre Release Business

Muddy Movie, an action and adventure thriller movie, has done quite well at the box office. Since it is based on mud race sports, it attracted the crowd quite well. The film on the first day itself has raised more than eight crores and 25 crores in the first week. The number continues to rise as the public well receives it.

Muddy Movie Pre-release Company

Nizam €2.5 Cr
ceded € 1.5 Cr
Uttar Andhra € 4.3 Cr
Guntur € 3.5 Cr
East € 1.5 Cr
West € 1.5 Cr
Krishna € 0.75 Cr
Nellore € 0.50 Cr
AP / Telangana € 21 Cr

Disclaimer: The details and numbers of the Worldwide Collections given above are taken from the various official sources available on the Internet. This website does not provide any authenticity for these valuations. But the details given are not entirely untrue and closer to the truth.


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