MTNL and BSNL couldn’t pay the July month salary to around 1.98L employees

The Public Sector Undertakings businesses such as MTNL and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd have reportedly failed to clear up the salaries in June. According to the report, both MTNL & BSNL were unable to pay the salaries of 1.98 lakh employees, approximately. The statement came into being on Thursday from a significant union leader.

In the meantime, the MD and Chairman of BSNL, P.K. Purwar told media that their employees would pay the salary of July month on the 5th of August. On the other hand, the union leader also said that no information has come into being by the management concerning the disbursement of the salary.

The conundrum of not getting paid on time in India

P Abhimanyu, the Convoker of BSNL’s All Indian Unions & Association said that the employees of the companies are yet to receive their salaries. On the other hand, the companies also did not provide any information as to when the employees will be provided with their respective salaries.

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The Convoker later made contact with the CMD of BSNL. The CMD clarified that the salaries are going to be credited on the 5th of August. Furthermore, Purwar also said that they have begun trying to arrange their funds all through the internal accruals. As of now, MTNL incorporates nearly 22,000 employees, and BSNL has around 1.76 lakh employees all around the country.

BSNL & MTNL are going through the financial crisis

The employees’ salaries are often credited to the accounts of the employees on each month’s last working day. By the looks of it, this is not the first time that both companies failed to provide salaries to their employees in time.

Both of the PSUs also had delayed the salaries’ payment for February. Later the wages of the employees were credited back in March. BSNL has a salary expense of around 750-850 crores per month where MTNL pays 160 crore salary to its employees every month.

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