MPOnline Portal Login – KIOSK, Citizen Registration and Recruitment

MPOnline is a joint venture by the government of Madhya Pradesh and Tata Consultancy Services Limited intended to provide better services to the state online. The initiative and the concept of e-Governance from the state government is extending its services through the portal to the people all around the state from 2006, the time from when it formed.

MPOnline is the authorized portal of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, through which services of various government departments are being developed and are provided to the common citizen directly. Go through the below article for the services provided by the portal and the registration process for the citizens.

MPOnline Portal

MPOnline New Citizen Registration

One needs to have an account to access the services offered by the portal. Follow the below easy steps to have an account of your own.

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Please select the option Kiosk/Citizen and click on it on the homepage on the top bar.
  3. The drop-down offers a set of options and selects Citizen Registration from them.
  4. Click on the link, and an application form opens up on the next page.
  5. Enter your desired user id and password in the fields. Note that the boxes with the asterisk are all mandatory fields and need to be filled before moving to the next page. Follow the guidelines for the password as it needs to be alphanumeric.
  6. Confirm your password in the text box and enter your Recovery mail id in the text field provided. Please be sure of the recovery mail id as it will be used as a communication means to lose a password or user id in the future.
  7. Enter a registered mobile number Without +91 or at the beginning.
  8. Solve the simple mathematical calculation in the next section and click on Create Account.

Once done with the above steps, you can log in with the above user id and password.

MPOnline Citizen Registration

MPOnline Login 

Once you’re done with the registration, you can use the user id and password created to log in to your account. Follow the easy steps below to sign in.

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click on the Login option that is present at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. A new page opens where we need to fill in the below details to log in.
  4. Choose the User Type from the drop-down and choose the Citizen
  5. Provide your username and password and solve the simple mathematical calculation and provide the answer in the given box below.
  6. Click Login, and you will be re-directed to the homepage of your account.

As we have seen, the user type field has different options such as citizen, Staff, G2g, Kiosk. So, choose accordingly and login into your account on the requirement.

KIOSK – An Overview

Though technology is taking over many things, there are still a lot of people it needs to grace its beauty on and so, till then we need to find alternatives for every technological thing. Even though the internet is almost everywhere around, there are still many people who don’t have a computer or who don’t wish to have the complexities of using the internet through mobile.

So, the government came up with KIOSKs arranged at several locations, shops, cyber cafes, etc. The applicant to arrange the KIOSK needs to follow the guidelines set by the government, and the government pays them in return for the service provided.

KIOSK Registration Requirements

To register for the KIOSK, the applicant must be eligible and fall under the requirements mentioned below.

  • The applicant must be of 18 years or more and should have passed high school.
  • The applicant should have sound knowledge of computers.
  • The applicant should have a cafe, office, or any shop of a minimum of 10X10 square feet.
  • The location should be convenient and free from anti-social activities

KIOSK Registration Process:

Once you read and understood the government’s guidelines to apply for a KIOSK and fill the eligibility criteria, follow the below steps to register for a KIOSK.

  1. Visit the portal at
  2. Hover your mouse over the option of KIOSK/Citizen in the top bar.
  3. From the drop-down options, select Application for KIOSK, and it opens a new page with the information about KIOSK.
  4. Follow the set of guidelines by clicking Next and on the last page, check the tick box which says “If you have read and understood the guidelines, tick here” and click on Verify.
  5. This will land you on the application form for the KIOSK and fill in all the required information.
  6.  There are two options for the KIOSK location; if it’s the same as your residence, check the box in the application form, and if it’s not, fill in the details for the section Shop Details.
  7. Provide your asset details on the page and in the section of Attachments; click on the upload option, and there will be a set of guidelines for the image to be uploaded. Follow the guidelines and upload the image.
  8. In the disclaimer section, check the box and proceed to the next page, security check.
  9. Click on the Send OTP and provide the same that you receive on your mobile number.
  10. Now, click on the Submit option, and you’ll receive an application number on the phone number provided.
  11. Now, return to the portal’s homepage, and the drop-down of KIOSK/Citizen has an option Payment of Kiosk Registration Fee, click on the same.
  12. On the next page, provide your application number and search.
  13. Now, follow the following steps to finish the registration process. Upon completing the process, a reference number will be provided, and please keep the same for future payment Re-verification.

Conditions for setting up a KIOSK 

Though you’re eligible to set up a KIOSK, there are several conditions regarding the location and social eligibility for setting up a Kiosk.

  • There should be enough facilities to sit and drink water at the KIOSK.
  • The operator is not allowed to run the KIOSK from any other place other than the registered location.
  • The set-up should have a computer, a printer, a scanner, a biometric device, and a stable internet connection.
  • The operator must reach a minimum number of 200 transactions every month to keep the KIOSK going.

Upon failing to abide by any of the guidelines, MPOnline can cancel the KIOSK anytime.

MPOnline Helpline

MpOnline -Contact info

The portal comes with a customer care number for any issues related to the website, and you can reach them at 07556720200 or reach the authorities at the office by dialing 07556720222.

For any information or doubts regarding the KIOSK, please reach the helpline at 0755-6644830-832. The site has a contact option that will give you the below contact details.