Moon Knight Episode 3: Who is in the Squad?


Moon Knight Episode 3 Updates: There are a lot of series that are running right now and it is getting a lot of popularity. The only reason behind the popularity of series or movies is the story and the acting of the actors. There is a lot of series that have marked their name among one the best series to date.

If we talk about any series of 2022 that came with the first-ever a season and it is still rocking then there are a lot. Among such series, we have one of the series of Marvel and it is called Moon Knight. Moon Knight has released it’s the third episode in which we have met the God squad.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Recap

Moon Knight Episode 4

From the very first episode of Moon Knight, it has gained a lot of popularity and a lot of views. That is the reason why people go for every episode and their information. If we talk about episode 3rd then there is a lot to discuss about. In the third episode we have heard some mention of tomb raiding past as well as mysterious dad. This mysterious one sounds a lot like the emderments.

If we talk about May Calamawy then she grabs a kind of fake passport. She also follows body sharing hero Steven and Ethan. There is also a villain Athar to Egypt who is joining the race so that he can find the ancient crocodile goddess’s tomb. We have also seen Marc beating up some kids on the rooftops. Somewhere Steven got stopped to hijack the body of kids and catch the first plane that will take him back to London.

Marc is in control of the body of the host and that is how we see a kind of a riversed set up in the last two episodes. We have also seen how Steven annoyed the bird God. It was enough for him so that he can take things.

We have also seen some other characters who showed up by their own Avatar. In episode 3, we also got to know that the Harrow comes off like an innocent one and on the other hand Khonshu gets the last warnings.

There are a lot of things that will be delivered in upcoming episodes. The third episode was really an important part of the series but at the same time, it has also left a lot of things. These things can only get cleared once we will see all the episodes and try to relate to everyone.


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