Moon Knight Episode 3 SPOILERS! – Release Time and Possible Plot


Moon Knight Episode 3 Teaser has been released and it states that the paradigm will now shift to Egypt and ancient-Egypt gods. As in Episode 2, we see Marc in Egypt in search of the Tomb of Ammit and Arthur is also on a similar path.

And as per the new teaser, we can say that Arthur will discover the Tomb before Marc Spector and Steven will take the charge of the body and he will help Layla to find the Tomb.

This article may have SPOILERS for the upcoming episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight.

What could happen in Moon Knight Episode 3?

As per the Comic Book and the Teaser of Episode 3, we can say that in the upcoming episode the history of Marc, Layla, and Khoshu will be discussed as Marc, Arthur, Layla and everyone else are in Egypt now in the search of Emmet’s Tomb.

Moon Knight now in Egypt

As per the Comic Books, Marc had got powers from Khonshu after being saved by Marlene (The character of Marlene has been replaced by Layala in the series) and in return, Marc had sworn to serve Khonshu by becoming his Avatar and bringing justice to every sin. And I think Marvel has taken the same back story as we have already seen in the Moon Knight Episode 2 that Marc has been charged with killing archeologists in Egypt and since then he is on the wanted list.

As Layala now everything about Khonshu and Marc’s Moon Knight Suit and the transformation method, it’s almost confirmed that Layala is the same character as Marlene in the Comics. I think Moon Knight Episode 3 will deal with the past of Layala, Marc, and Khonshu’s deal in Egypt.

Moon Knight Episode 3 - Arthur with Scarab

As the Scarab is now with Arthur so he will definitely find the Tomb and he may be successful in summoning Ammit, as in the teaser we can see him inside the tomb. Who could be Ammit in the Moon Knight few netizens are expecting that he could have some connection with Kang from Loki Series, as the motives of Ammit and He Who Remain are similar as both of them punishes every being before their sins to maintain the equilibrium of sacred timeline. It could also be a good perspective to have a look as Kang’s variant Pharoh Rama-tut has also ruled ancient Egypt in MCU in a few comics of  Moon Knight so it’s probable that Ammit is no one else but Pharoh Rama-Tut a variant of Kang.

There are a lot of possibilities and probabilities in MCU now, so anything could happen.

Release Date and Time of Moon Knight Episode 3

Moon Knight Episode 3 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at 12:00AM EST/PST and on 03:00 AM EST only on Disney+. We will update you every detail about the Marvel’s Moon Knight Series please Subscribe Us at Google News.


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