Money Heist Spin-Off Release Date, Cast, Storyline and Everything you need to know


Originally a Spanish series La Casa De Papel a.k.a. Money Heist is quite a popular name throughout the world and has become quite a sensation. Since the release of Money Heist in English and some other regional languages, it became even more popular and received unimaginable responses from fans. 

The Money Heist Spin-off is one of the most awaited series and fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite characters on screen. 

Money Heist Spin-Off Series Starring Berlin:

According to recent news, a new Money Heist Spin-off has been confirmed and is currently in the works. This new spin-off series will be based mainly on one of the most popular characters Berlin played by Pedro Alonso. 

We are not sure about other popular characters including Nairobi, Tokyo, Rio, Lisbon, Denver, or Professor himself. The Money Heist Spinoff Series will surely become a massive hit as the original series gained such popularity, we all know all about it. 

Money Heist Spin-Off Storyline

The story of Berlin a.k.a. Pedro Alonso will be the primary storyline around which the entire series will revolve. There will be various interesting stories related to Berlin’s past as well as future. It will surely make the entire series even more interesting to watch. 

Money Heist Spin-Off Cast

For now, the confirmed role is of Berlin which will be played by one of the original cast members Pedro Alonso. Other main characters such as Professor, Lisbon, Nairobi, Tokyo, Denver, or any others have not yet been confirmed. We will have to wait for a little before we get confirmed news about their arrival. 

Money Heist Spin-Off Series Release Date

Since the very first season, Money Heist and Professor are the two names that became viral, overnight. Since that time, millions of fans have been waiting for new seasons to be released by Netflix. 

There has been no official notification released from Netflix of the team La Casa De Papel about the Money Heist Spin-Off release date. Soon, they will release confirmed news and then we all can get to know more about it. 

Emmy Award-Winning Show

With such an unbelievable fan following as well as an awesome storyline about harmless robberies turning into something totally different, the show has earned its fame. It even won an international Emmy Award for being the Best Drama Series. 

Not just that, those bright red jumpsuits and Dali masks have become the iconic styles of Money Heist. 


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