Money Heist Season 6; Why The Show Got Cancelled?



Amongst many Netflix series that has garnered a lot of popularity from all around the world, Money Heist is the one we cannot ever forget about. As the 2nd part of its fifth installment has been released a few months back, fans from all over the world are asking if the series will be back with a sixth installment. They are asking if there will be any Money Heist Season 6. The streaming giant did say that Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 will be fulfilling all the curious fan’s minds. As we have seen in the second part, the storyline has revealed the final scenes of the robbery. The question was will the professor successfully finish his planned heist? Or will he be caught by the authority? Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 was released on 3rd December or 2021. And fans are waiting for any kind of new update from Netflix as well as from the author of the series.

In this particular article, we will not discuss the updates about the release date of Money Heist season 6. But we will be focusing on the reasons why the series got canceled and what is next for the series. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

Money Heist Season 6

A Quick Recap

Before jumping straight into the discussion about Money Heist Season 6, let’s have a quick look into what happened in the previous seasons.
In this series, there is no such thing as the main character. Each and every character can be seen in the same light of importance. The series Money Heist or la Casa De Papel is about two carefully planned heists. The creator of these two plans is The Professor (Alvaro Morte). The first heist takes place in the Royal Mint of Spain, and the second one takes place in The Bank of Spain.

Money Heist Season 6; Why The Show Got Cancelled?

Why There’s No Money Heist Season 6 Coming?

The series started its journey as a show that can be extended as the production wishes. But the breaking point is Netflix elongated the show up to the fifth season. If we are being honest, we can tell that there’s no more story left to show, and as we can see, the creator knows that very well.

In a recent interview, Alex Pina, the creator and the executive producer of the show revealed that he feels like producing more seasons is totally out of question. He also said that the reason he is not planning for another season is that he thinks the characters are being excessively exploited. So, unfortunately, the creator has no plans for making Money Heist Season 6.

Money Heist Season 6; Why The Show Got Cancelled?

He mentioned that with two stories of the heist, they have produced more than 2000 minutes of fictional moments. he thinks that elongating further will exhaust some characters. It will affect their emotional image and the time period of their transformation. “I gave it my thoughts a lot and I feel that it is the most suitable moment to finish up” he concluded.

Is Netflix Secretly Working On Money Heist Season 6?

Now, coming to the future of the show, we have got some pretty interesting information. Sources say that Netflix is currently developing a sequel to Money Heist. But that cannot be considered as Money Heist Season 6. The show will be entitled ‘Berlin’ and will star Pedro Alonso.


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