Money Heist season 5 Release date, Renewal Confirmed, cast, story – La Casa de Papel Part 5 when on Netflix?

Money Heist also is known as ‘La Casa de Papel’ is a Spanish crime drama that doesn’t require any sort of introduction anywhere around the world. The series is quite popular globally due to its premise and the cliffhangers. The makers of the show initially planned the story to be a two-part series and it had a decent opening on the streaming network Antena 3 before Netflix picked it up and then the series became a worldwide phenomenon.

The series is fast-paced and it revolves around a group of robbers and one mastermind, namely, The Professor. The story has interpersonal dynamics, electrifying performances and lastly unpredictable twists.

Money Heist Season 5 Release date

money heist

Release Date of Money Heist Season 5

A few hours earlier the fourth season of Money Heist premiered on Netflix, at the time of writing. According to the reports, the fourth season features only eight episodes and they have a runtime of around 45-55 minutes.

As the show has received a global success, the fans and critics are calling it a significant cultural phenomenon. In addition to this, Money Heist is also one of the TV Series for which, Netflix has been extremely popular. If the popularity and the cult fame status of the series are taken into consideration, then there is a highly likely chance that the show will return for another run.

Several daily curricula from Spain has reported that, the streaming giant Netflix is currently in talks with creators to develop the fifth season, however, Netflix and the creators are yet to officially confirm the release of season 5.

18 thoughts on “Money Heist season 5 Release date, Renewal Confirmed, cast, story – La Casa de Papel Part 5 when on Netflix?”

  1. Money Heist is the best and only the best series on Earth:)The actors are super qualified and we are in love with every single actor.. No words to express.We are attached .We feel so bad about Nairobi:)
    The producer Alex Pina is so amazing.
    Thank you so much for this tremendous series and please we are waiting for the PART 5.
    We Love you all.

  2. We cant just be left waiting…..not fair at all !!
    Have binge watched every season and had to wait so much for part 4 . Now after an abrupt ending, please dont ask us to wait for an year or so…its a request from a dedicated lover of the series Money heist….. in love with all the characters, cant just see our professor losing. Hope u release part 5 asap….!!!!

  3. I just finish watching season 4. Omg Nairobi i feel that part, please hurry with the next season when the seasons take long to come out we tend to forget about it, awesome movie

  4. OMG I’m one of the biggest fan for money heist, money heist is my favorite series, I couldn’t wait for the 4th season I asked my colleagues watch it from the beginning. I love Nairobi and I cried when died I also love everyone oh professor you are the best .the money heist crew they are the best and I love you guys,Professor, Lisbon,Tokyo,Denver,Heliski,Berlini,Palermo,Monica, n everyone I didn’t mention I named my Cat Israel inspired by city names from the cast of Money heist.
    I love you guys and we can’t wait for season 5,6,7,8,9,20…..

  5. Please pls plss release season 5 asap… The best season so far… Really happy to see all those actors and feeling bad for Nairobi…
    Professor is amazing… Love u
    Saad khan

  6. Oh lacasa DE papel is the best, I’m tinashe from Zimbabwe. It’s the best series ever keep it up guys. We pray for the safety and recovery of Spain from covid 19.
    We expect you back with season 5 in good shape. Stay blessed thank you

  7. Money heist is the best…. I love it…. I’m not a movie person but this series it’s so amazing….. Well done to the scripture writer and all the cast directors rest of the team… U a superdingdong


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