Money Heist Season 3 is this week’s most-watched series on Netflix

To everyone’s astonishment, Money Heist emerged as the most viewed series of Netflix this week. It was expected that it is going to be a massive hit, but this much of viewership wasn’t on cards as far as the critics are concerned.

Its competition was with the remarkable series Stranger Things which was considered to do a great business this time around also. But proving everyone wrong Money Heist became the most viewed show for this week.

Stranger Things is arguably the most popular show on Netflix, it has remained on top of the leaderboard for a staggering period of 8 continuous weeks, no show was even close to, this week too it hasn’t performed that badly it only lagged by a few percentages. Orange which is gonna release this week is believed to steal the top spot from Money Heist. It will be interesting to see if that happens.

money hiest season 3

Money Heist is a Spanish series which is based on the crime-drama genre. Alex Pina is the person behind the creation of this series, originally it was released on a Spanish channel but later Netflix came up and released it worldwide. The first two seasons were not starred on Netflix but soon after the announcement of the third season by Netflix the buzz picked up the pace.

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The non-English shows on Netflix over the past few years have witnessed an exponentially increased viewership, But Money Heist has managed to account for the highest viewership amongst them. The latest season is available for the audience since 19 July.

Being a non- English show it is a massive achievement for it to top the viewership leaderboard. The fact that it has set the new viewership records for a week will compel more people to watch out for it and its viewership is set to increase further.

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  1. Money Heist was one of the best TV shows I’ve every seen. The way you put the English voices over the foreign voices was perfect. And I hope they come out with a season 4.


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