Mohammad Azharuddin wins HCA aka Hyderabad Cricket Association Elections

The HCA aka Hyderabad Cricket Association elections had concluded recently! the former as well as veteran captain of Indian Cricket team, Mohammad Azharuddin has reportedly won the maximum number in terms of votes. Other than Azharuddin, the most notable contestants of the post were none other than Prakash Chand Jain.

According to sources, around 223 members have voted in the election from 227 members. By the looks of it, it was Azharuddin who has won around 147 votes. Additionally, the polling was conducted up until 3 PM; however, the results have been declared at around 4 PM today, i.e., the 27th of September 2019. After the calculations were made, it was declared that Mohammad Azharuddin is the winner of the HCA elections 2019.

The new president of HCA

mohammad azharuddin

The elections took place in the Uppal Stadium, in Hyderabad. On the other hand, overall 17 members of the committee took part in the election. At the beginning of the election, around 62 members came forward to take an active part in nomination. Nevertheless, 45 members had reportedly withdrawn their names from the nomination.

One of the notable captains of Indian Cricket, Mohammad Azharuddin has been elected as the president of HCA. Azharuddin went toe to toe with Prakash Chand Jain as well as Dileep Kumar. After the pollings ended, the official reports suggest that 56-year-old cricketer had taken an impressive strong lead and won the elections with 147-73-3, respectively.

Beforehand, the former decorated Indian captain was subjected to allegations concerning match-fixing, and this put an end to Azharuddin’s career in cricket. This is a massive victory of Mohammad Azharuddin after significant turmoil in his professional career.

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