Mistakes to Avoid while handling gloves

When you are having a costly pair of gloves that too which are close to your heart you certainly don’t want them to spoil out easily.

Here are some mistakes which need to be avoided while handling leather gloves. If you happened to keep these minute precautions in mind there are chances that you will be able to preserve your gloves for longer. Mistakes to Avoid while handling gloves

Don’t Wear the gloves incorrectly:

There is this thing called glove etiquette which comes into play while handling gloves. Your focus should be on minimizing any wear and tear, stretching, or crumpling. To remove the glove firstly undone the strap and then gently remove each fingertip from it and don’t just pull it vigorously.

glove etiquette instructs that one should take out his glove while shaking hands with someone. For storing the gloves it is an added advantage if you have preserved the original case of the gloves. Make sure that the gloves are straight and not wrinkled or twisted while storing them.

Get over the trends:

Traditionally we all use gloves in winters only. In the time dated back in the 1800’s wearing gloves at earnest gatherings was a style symbol. One can consider wearing gloves as a part of your everyday attire. It will enhance your attire in many folds. Read this guide about the best thin warm gloves out there in the market

Don’t use them at places where there are chances of them getting dirty:

Certainly, nobody wants their gloves to fall prey to dirt and water. Being dirty doesn’t specifically refer to dirt, water damage is also included therein.

Still, if your gloves come in contact with rain don’t panic just allow them to dry in natural conditions or put them under a towel. Applying any external source of heat will seriously damage the gloves.

If the gloves are seriously dirty don’t try to clean it on your own, instead, take them to leather dry cleaners. They will do it for you. In case they are only marginally dirty sponge the surface of the gloves with a soap solution and then wipe with a clean sponge.

Never buy the wrong size:

Gloves are meant to provide comfort to the user and ill-fitting gloves instead of providing comfort will irritate the user. Also wearing a small size will put unwanted pressure on your fingers while wearing. Too big gloves will be a bit loose and again will impart discomfort.

For an instance, you could imagine having slightly small gloves because in this case, you can bank on the stretchability of the gloves to fit in your hands but in case of big gloves, you are stuck.

Make sure your gloves compliment your dress:

Your gloves should gel with your clothes. They should be in contrast with the clothes you are wearing. For example, prefer wearing matte finish gloves at some modest gatherings.

While you can prefer heavily printed gloves with shiny material when you are at a party. Satin gloves are the best choice if anyone is considering wearing gloves at a wedding.

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