Mission Mangal Movie Review And Rating | Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi, Taapsee

Akshay Kumar and movies on Indian nationalism. Give me a better love story I will wait. I’m pretty confident you cannot. This film will add up to Akshay Kumar’s tally of films on Indian nationalism. He has most of his films under this genre.

Mission Mangal is the latest entrant to the list. This movie is based on a true event, an event that made India the only country to send an orbital mission to Mars in its very first attempt.

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The trailer nicely sets the launching pad for the movie, it depicts how Akshay tries to convince his seniors at ISRO to authorize this mission. The trailer mostly depicts the happy scenes from the film. The makers want to unfold the troubles faced by them in the movie itself.

As I mentioned this movie is based on the orbital mission that India launched to Mars. Akshay, and his team of capable ladies sets on a mission to create a rocket that can travel to Mars, which is too far away from us.

The struggles faced by them are for real. As they don’t have previous experience in the field. They all come up with some of the other ideas and somehow manage to conquer the mission. It was a perfectly organized team effort that made them conquer the mission.

Review Of Mission Mangal

This movie accounted for the highest buzz in the past few days, despite the fact, there are other movies lined up waiting for their release.

Akshay Kumar is a proven star, whatever he does he give his the best in him. He has time and again shown his love for the country through his films. Akshay Kumar was phenomenal as always, he absolutely nailed it. His dialogue from the film ‘ we don’t know how we will proceed, but we have to do it’s already a super hit one.

The ending of the movie will surely give you goosebumps, it will inculcate the feeling of patriotism in you. You will feel like doing something for the country.

We cannot ignore the efforts of the ladies who played the roles of team members of the Mission Mars team. Vidya Balan is the one to come up with the idea of sending an orbital mission to Mars. Taapsee Pannu has made her presence felt playing a computer expert. She was the one who did all the coding for the mission.

The story will surely give goosebumps to the audience. The audience will get to relieve the divine feeling of nationalism while watching the movie, they will encounter an urge in themselves to do something for the nation.

To sum up its an Akshay Kumar movie which is ought to perform tremendously on the box office. It’s definitely a movie to watch out for, you can enjoy the movie with your entire family. There are no visible loopholes in the movie, it is guaranteed as a blockbuster of a movie.

My Rating: 3.75/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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